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01:59:31 PM Jan 26th 2015
edited by Kalaong
Just want to leave this here;
I love and have always loved and will always love action. Great action to me is better than food, better than sex, better than anything. I remember vividly every single moment of great action I have ever seen in the theater, when I saw it, and the elation I felt when I saw it. Action makes my heart pound just thinking about it. I'm in love with the heroic ideal which is probably kind of corny in an age of advancing cynicism but I can't help it. For a man on film, there is no greater moment than the instant when he suddenly gives up everything he knows or thought he ever wanted and starts whipping ass for love or principle. Action is romance for men. To me it's the way men express love on screen. Love for a woman, a country, a dog - by kicking the living shit out of anybody who dares do those objects of his simplistic adoration wrong.

—Kurt Wimmer, Director's Commentary
07:43:39 AM Aug 25th 2012
Moved article to Film index. And now you know.
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