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02:03:07 PM Feb 9th 2014
Is there a trope covering the complete change in Izmir between the two films? In the first, Izmir is all miles-tall towers, while in the second it looks like the whole place got flattened and rebuilt in much more conventional fantasy architecture.
02:18:53 PM Feb 9th 2014
Geographic Flexibility is the closest I can think of.
05:13:01 AM Feb 14th 2013
edited by MyTai
If Profion died before lifting the undead curse from Damodar, what was the whole thing with the parasite in his head (apart from it being quite useful for Mind Rape interrogations)? We were shown Profion removing that, and immediately afterwards we saw Damodar with all the symptoms from it being gone.
11:44:15 AM Jul 24th 2010
All There in the Manual says that Melora is actually a Cleric/Mage. The movie never does anything to indicate the "cleric" part.

^She states at the beginning of the movie that she is using divine magic to attempt to repair a pair of gloves.