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01:56:58 AM Jan 27th 2014
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  • The Man Behind the Man: It's implied Strangelove is the one who designed the doomsday device for the Russians. He's not upset that it's used, just that it's being used poorly. Still, he comes out ahead.

That's a big leap, I fail to see an implication of that. He is a savvy nuclear theoricist and states that they (himself and by extension the Americans) discarded it because it doesn't work as a deterrent. He chides the Russians for compounding the things for the worse, but it doesn't mean the machine is his child. As an expy of the scientist of Operation Paperclip, we can assume it was designed by one of his counterparts from beyond the iron curtain, or even by a regular soviet one. Strangelove is even contemptuos of it, "it's within the means of even the smallest nuclear power"

  • Not So Different: Muffley and Kissov engage in friendly banter yielding to defensive posturing. From just Muffley's half of the conversation, it's clear both men are selfish, ineffectual bureaucrats more than world leaders.

Not So Different is widely misused for audience analysis, when the trope is meant for in-universe remarks, realizations and the like. Both are goofy, but I'd argue that Muffley is not so bad, he's a compassionate man, surrounded by general rippers, but who almost prevents the end of the world thanks to his quick decissions, he's not a lecherous chap who is partying instead of ruling.
05:42:56 PM Nov 6th 2012
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Removed these from Pragmatic Villainy, as the trope means evil actions avoided for pragmatic reasons, not evil actions rationalized or viewed as a necessary or lesser evil.

There is a trope in the examples I don't quite identify, Necessarily Evil likely, but not 100% as the bombers can still be recalled cracking Ripper or downed in normal circumstances. Zero-Context Example (as in too broad) the second.

  • Turgidson is rather more keen to fully commit to a full-blown first strike than someone in his position really should be, but without the benefit of knowing about the Soviet Doomsday Device, he does have a point. 20 million dead is an awful outcome, but it's still less awful than 150 million dead.
  • Strangelove himself is pretty much the living personification of Pragmatic Villainy.

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