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11:06:34 AM Jan 9th 2013
Frankly, I don't get the purpose of this quote. It may be the title theme, but what significance does it have for the movie? It's also very long for a quote, so I took the liberty of taking it out.

"Well, I don't care about history.
Rock, rock, rock'n'roll high school
'Cause that's not where I wanna be
Rock, rock, rock'n'roll high school
I just wanna have some kicks
I just wanna get some chicks.
Rock, rock, rock'n'roll high school"
Music/{{El*Ke}} - Rock 'N' Roll Highschool, main title theme
09:52:43 AM Apr 6th 2013
I think it can have something to do with that (most of) the students in the film has a kind of blasť attitude to history, not really being that interested. Most of them seem more into partying and sports and such. "Well, I don't care about history. [...] 'Cause that's not where I wanna be" kind of relates to them kind of being tired hearing about the Third Reich. Mayby the quote should be reinserted but be shortened to just "Well, I don't care about history, Rock, rock, rock'n'roll high school, 'Cause that's not where I wanna be"?

I am sorry for my spelling. Englsih is a second language.
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