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08:26:15 PM Oct 5th 2013
According to actual theology and not literary fiction, since God creates angels out of whole cloth, and they do NOT reproduce sexually, they have no need of gender. Thus angels being played by androgynous females is exactly the right point. (Plus all babies are female until the y chromosome kicks in, and sometimes not even then.) I dont know why people continue to make a big deal of a woman playing a traditionally "male" angel. Angels dont have peni. They have no use for them. DEMONS can alter their shape to have peni since they'll be using them to intimidate human males and females both, and use it violently against them as well.
10:42:28 PM Feb 27th 2011
So how does Constantine pay for that apartment, and his food, and alcohol, and cigarettes? Do people pay exorcists? Are you supposed to tip? How much?
06:09:26 AM Feb 9th 2011
edited by Arivne
Deleted the following for three reasons:

  • Adaptation Displacement: Somewhat on purpose; Moore is frequently so unhappy with movie adaptations of his comics that he insists the studios take his name off the finished product.
06:02:25 AM Feb 9th 2011
edited by Arivne
Moved the following in its entirety to the You Fail Religious Studies Forever page. That page says "Please don't list this on a work's page as a trope."

  • You Fail Religious Studies Forever: A major plot point in the film is that, according to Catholic doctrine, people who commit suicide always go to Hell. This has not been the case since 1997, when the Church decided that people who were mentally ill were not entirely responsible for their actions if they chose to take their own life. At least one of the suicides in the film was committed by a mental patient.
    • And then there is the minor fact that in some cases suicide is only a sin because it's a murder you can't repent for. Since he was brought back, he could repent and be absolved of it.
    • I think the whole point of the 'suicide' thing was more to the "I took a life" (hence breaking a commandment) end of the spectrum. Particularly since this is mentioned, and supported by the "what you get depends on what you believe" ideology. So if you break a rule that you believe in as a moral code, you get sent to hell.
    • Gabriel notes quite rightly that any sin can be forgiven (even child molestation) as long as the sinner is genuinely remorseful and repents before judgment. As Constantine died and saw hell he has already been condemned in the eyes of God.
    • Regardless of the suicide issue, some of the things they present as everyday, completely accepted parts of actual theology (such that someone who just went to Catholic school would of course have studied it) are... dubious. Let's just say that while many people do believe in the Spear of Destiny myth, it's not what you'd call theologically sound.
10:37:15 PM Feb 27th 2011
Thinking about it, I wouldn't call young Constantine too mentally stable, actually. Though it may be a matter of when he committed suicide, he was clearly mentally distraught by his ability to see the half breeds for what they are and the inability, or unwillingness, of his peers and elders to deal with or believe that he could.
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