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05:35:39 PM Mar 11th 2014
This page is an embarrassment. "Argentina is Naziland" because the closing montage detailing the fates of REAL PEOPLE, as in ACTUAL HISTORY, mentions Eichmann was arrested in Argentina. Because he REALLY went there. This isn't a "trope" this is history. The idea of going through a story such as this based on a historical event and imagining there are tropes is a textbook case of the ignorance that runs amok on this site imagining it's scholarship.
12:16:42 AM Mar 12th 2014
The fact that it also happened in Real Life doesn't mean the trope doesn't apply to a story.
12:52:30 PM Apr 1st 2014
^ This

Also, the page notes Eichmann's fate as history. Personally, I'd find not understanding the way tropes work and not reading the page before making snide comments about other editors to be more embarrassing, but hey.
07:46:23 AM Mar 4th 2014
Is calling the attendees "inhuman" really wise? I mean, aren't the consequences of that sort of outlined here?
12:50:22 PM Apr 1st 2014
If it offends you, go ahead and change it.
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