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08:38:25 AM Apr 21st 2012
edited by Cage416
I don't see any Roman or Medieval-ness to the armor and equipment used by the characters. The helmets are of the Corinthian type, which is the quintessential helmet of the ancient Greeks and doesn't look much different than existing archeological examples. The armor that they wear, while admittedly stylized in a "Rule of Cool" manner, is also fairly well in line with authentic hoplite panoply in design. The swords also aren't gladii, as the "stock" sword used by all characters but Draco is indeed of Greek origin being based on the Apa type Mycenaean swords found in Romania.
10:31:03 PM Apr 2nd 2012
Regarding Adaptational Attractiveness and Medusa: If I'm recalling my mythology correctly, Medusa was originally a beautiful mortal, who boasted that her beauty rivaled that of the gods. She was cursed (by Athena, I think, but I'm not sure), turned into a "hideous monster" whose gaze could turn men to stone. It makes sense that her physical beauty would carry over, with the "hideous monster" part being the snakes for hair, scales, etc. In fact, I would think that the fact that her form would still draw eyes to her for her beauty, and then be turned to stone so no one could ever appreciate it, would be even more of a curse.