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10:36:20 AM Jan 31st 2013
This item is being edit warred over. Please sort it out here instead of edit warring.

The one where Bond gets his killing license and plays poker with the Big Bad.
01:42:17 PM Feb 4th 2013
The site owner himself has discussed The One With and said they should stay. Please leave them alone.
12:15:57 AM Jan 31st 2013
edited by Westrim
Posting here instead of continuing what is now an edit war. The only reason that Bond being blond is significant is that people threw a hissy fit when Craig was announced as the new Bond, continuing up to the release of the movie when the movie and his performance negated their expectations of destruction. It says nothing about the movie, and the fact that you don't know about it, dakinebrah, strongly backs its irrelevance as a descriptor.
11:10:54 PM Feb 1st 2013
edited by dakinebrah
The "it is irrelevant" bit sure is irrelevant. If you're edgy about a minor description in the film, take it up with the mods.

This discussion is obsolete, anyway. The new description is better.
12:41:29 AM Feb 2nd 2013
edited by Westrim
You asked what the controversy was, I explained what the controversy was and pointed out that it was a bad symbol of the movie as indicated by it's lack of relation to anything about the movie itself and your lack of recognition. That's all. Why would I go to a moderator to explain a bit of movie trivia?

As for the new description, I disagree, I don't like the wording 'coming back'. The only movie it would describe is Goldeneye, since the previous movie nearly killed the franchise. Between Die Another Day and this one, all that happened was a reboot, not a come back. That's probably the best description- a straight 'The One With the Continuity Reboot', not different text linked to Continuity Reboot. Is that agreeable?
12:48:51 AM Feb 2nd 2013
01:24:08 AM Feb 2nd 2013
12:19:15 PM May 29th 2012
I think the 1967 film should be split off into its own article.
11:47:32 PM Jun 28th 2012