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09:17:51 AM May 27th 2014
So, I know that on the one hand, if someone is looking for fanfic involving specific characters it might be simpler to just go to the rec page for their movies, but doesn't it seem like it might be better organized in general to consolidate all of the recs onto one page, with different folders for different characters/movies/whatever, rather than checking four different pages for fanfic recs because there are so few on any given page, or because something might have been recc'd on multiple pages, or because someone is unsure of the correct page to rec something?

If, for example, someone were looking for Loki fic, they'd have four different pages to search (Thor, Thor 2, The Avengers and the MCU main page) and comparatively little actual content per page, because they're all split up. It gets even worse if you're looking for stuff involving Coulson or Tony Stark.

I'm just wondering if it wouldn't be easier to get rid of the individual movies' fanfic rec pages and group all of the existing recommendations on the MCU rec page. What does everyone else think?
06:39:32 AM May 3rd 2014
I did explore the langages tropes but i don't seem to find a satisfying one to qualify the first sequence of the film: batroc's accent sounds very, very canadian; and we learn that he is french, born in Algeria, is there a trope that matches this accent failure? is it my accent is slipping? cause the actor didn't seem to bother, or wasn't even told that he was'nt supposed to be from Quebec.
06:41:51 AM May 3rd 2014
07:20:12 AM May 3rd 2014
on a second swipe I found "not even bothering with the accent" which seems just the thing. I'm going to add it to the page.
02:45:42 PM Apr 8th 2014
By my account, Crossbones is NOT in this movie. We know that Rumlow is/will be Crossbones, and mentioning that fact is fine, but referring to his individual actions as things "Crossbones" did is just confusing, is it not? Barring noted objection, I will correct these when I have some free time.
04:40:52 PM Apr 6th 2014
I guess this applies more generally than just to Captain America 2, but since I'm here and it's a thing: do we really have to spoiler out conversations in the Headscratchers tab? (At least for a movie) I'm assuming that if someone is posting questions that bugged them about it they've probably already seen it, and the huge wall of white (well, greyish-blue) is kind of frustrating.
10:37:22 PM Apr 6th 2014
No, that seems fairly pointless to me.
10:53:00 AM Apr 7th 2014
Since it is a conversation, I'm not sure if it would be rude to edit it, given I'm not actually involved. Do you think I should should remove the spoiler tag or just leave it because it's someone else's convo? It's just really distracting and hard to read.
11:23:59 AM Apr 7th 2014
There's no reason to spoiler out anything in the Headscratchers section of a movie. Of an ongoing series, sure, but a single movie? Silly.
11:37:11 AM Apr 7th 2014
Also, I folderized it, so that helps keep people from accidentally seeing spoilers just by stumbling onto the page. Just don't put spoilers in the folder titles and we'll be fine.