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11:36:15 PM Nov 19th 2014
Would Brazil be Nineteen Eighty-Four with added Mind Screw?
11:48:24 PM Nov 19th 2014
09:11:28 AM Jan 10th 2014
Could the Bowlderization almost count as a Macekre, but without the translation-into-another-language part?
09:48:50 AM Dec 13th 2013
has this film's title been changed since it was first recorded? In the 1990's, I saw this film and the title was "Brasil" with an S instead of a Z, at least on the opening credits. It was an English edition (living in the country of origin and all.)

If so, Brasil may need to be added as a redirect.
04:30:55 PM Jul 16th 2013
The Suspiciously Specific Denial. Is it a recording or isn't it? Opinion seems to be divided on this page, seeming too much like Conversation in the Main Page. Need to watch the film again and find out (stupidly, though, I chucked my copy out), as I am tempted to clean up the example and move it to YMMV but can't be too sure.
08:30:56 PM Jun 30th 2012
Take that mentions the Executive Meddling that took place and refers the reader to that entry. The entry for Executive Meddling mentions nothing except that it explained in a book, with no link to any information about said book. If we're going to refer people to an entry on a film/show/etc's page, shouldn't we make sure that that entry at least has a bit of meaningful information as to why they were referred there?
11:15:07 AM May 24th 2013
I think that is what happens when the information is posted on a work's page rather than on the Trope page.
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