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03:14:34 PM Mar 3rd 2013
I think the caption under the trope image should be linked to Blatant Lies, not Sarcasm Mode.
01:22:24 AM Mar 4th 2013
That makes sense, yeah. Changed.
05:24:39 PM Mar 20th 2011
I'd say this is a clear-cut case of Through the Eyes of Madness rather than Faux Horror Film. It's even listed on the Through the Eyes of Madness page.
11:43:21 AM Dec 20th 2010
Did anyone else notice the bird cages decorating Nina and her mother's living room?

Or how part of "Lily" sounds eerily like "Odile", the original name of the imposter black swan?
08:26:46 PM Dec 29th 2010
Or the black swan plushie amongst all the white plushies? It seems to dissapear at some point...
11:20:31 AM Jan 4th 2011
Lily/Odile is too far-fetched, in my opinion. On the other hand, I've seen this film compared to Perfect Blue, in which the protagonist's name in Mima. Interpret that as you will.
03:27:12 PM Jan 9th 2011
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