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08:53:43 AM Oct 4th 2010
Did anyone else think this film was pretty good, for a made-for-TV-daytime-syfy movie? I know it wasn't, but if you watch it with that kind of thing in mind...pretty fun :D

I had no idea about the background, etc., and I thought it was fairly enjoyable. I would certainly have given the people behind it a patronising pat on the back, and maybe a lollipop for their troubles.
01:29:32 PM Jul 5th 2011
It's amazing how quickly an ordinary, somewhat shitty B-movie can be turned into "The worst fucking movie in the history of mankind" after learning that it's based in a repressive, litigious, life-crushing, faux-New Age, Sci-fi turned up-to-eleven batshit bugfuck cult.
04:42:57 AM Jul 7th 2011
You say that almost as if it were a bad thing.
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