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06:31:04 PM Oct 30th 2014
Moved from the trope list:

  • Idiot Ball: Carlos gets handed one when the building is about to burn down. The other guy tells him where the bomb is. Instead of running to stop it, Carlos goes to try and talk Faye out of the building. He only goes for the bomb when he can't get her to budge, but by then it's too late. If he had stopped the bomb to start with, he could have gotten her out at his leisure.
    • Unless of course he was afraid he wouldn't be able to disarm it in time and wanted Faye out of there first in case something went wrong.

Arguing about the interpretation of an example is what the discussion page is for, not the trope list.

Once you've come to a conclusion, then you can add the example to the trope list (or not, if the conclusion you reach is that it isn't an example).
01:06:42 AM Oct 31st 2014
Also, that's far too much spoiler tagging.
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