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02:49:21 PM Jul 31st 2014
10:52:25 AM Jul 21st 2014
Is it worth starting individual pages for each BTTF film, because each film has so many tropes?
03:30:00 AM May 2nd 2014
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I was taken aback by this item:

  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: Doc's mildly racist comments about Japanese technology, as well as cowboys saying Marty looks like a dead Chinese, make sense seeing as it's 1955 and 1885.

Mildly racist? Uh, no. It is a historical fact that in the 1950s, "made in Japan" was synonymous with "cheap and shoddy" in much the same way that Korea was in the '80s, Malaysia in the '90s, and China today. This has nothing whatsoever to do with race, and everything to do with the way an emerging nation's manufacturing industry evolves, starting with the easy stuff (simple toys and other molded plastic goods) and working its way up to high-quality electronics. Remember that in 1955, Japan had only had ten years to rebuild its infrastructure after World War II.

Labeling the 1885 cowboys as racist is reasonable. Applying the same label to Doc Brown is completely unjustified. Unless someone objects, I'm going to delete it.
10:41:04 PM May 5th 2014
Deleted, and I moved the "dead Chinee" line to the Part III folder.
10:15:08 AM Oct 31st 2012
... Who the heck replaced every instance of the word "death" in the article with "forever sleep"?
10:33:28 AM Oct 31st 2012
icarryyourheart, two days ago. Is there a reference of some kind regarding forever sleeping in this movie?
08:24:29 AM Nov 1st 2012
No. It looks like they were using some sort of very odd wordfilter. I've seen it happen before where someone has a profanity filter on their browser and when they edit a page it blanks every such word, but I've never seen this happen.
05:16:09 PM Oct 9th 2011
Since Main.Back To The Future is now a redirect for Film.Back To The Future, should we make seperate page for VideoGame.Back To The Future?
05:41:05 PM Oct 9th 2011
I don't see why not.
06:52:12 PM Oct 9th 2011
Yes, I think we really should.
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