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09:24:32 AM Feb 1st 2012
I have a request for all new additions:

Please stop adding patently false information about the Vietnam War.
09:00:20 AM Oct 27th 2011
Okay. We need someplace to agglomerate all of Brando's stunts in this movie.

1: He demanded 3.5 million dollars for the part - one million in advance. He got it.

2: He assured Coppola that he'd read "Heart of Darkness". Blatant Lies.

3: He was told his character was a warlord who kills people with his bare hands. He showed up on set morbidly obese and drunk as a fish.

4: He refused to learn lines, or even read cue cards - he insisted on ad-libbing, and having his scenes shot in shadows, with focus on his head. When Coppola tried to fire him, he threatened to keep his advance. Coppolla gave in.

End Result: The entire movie was iconic, but Brando's scene was one of the most amazing scenes of all time!!!'
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