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01:12:17 AM Aug 26th 2012
Ambiguous Clone Ending: Is this really ambigous? Surely we're still following the same viewpoint character, the clothing and situation is completely unchanged from where the story led us. There is a huge amount of ambiguity in the ending, did the other Rhonda still cause a car crash or is she there because of her successful progression through MIT? Did any of the other John's family survive, child, wife, himself or mix thereof? I think there are huge numbers of questions left by the ending, but which Rhonda is which isn't really one of them.
01:19:01 AM Aug 4th 2011
Spoiler text is not to be used in the main article. Please see Handling Spoilers, first bullet point. Moved the problem text to discussion.

Rhoda participates with an essay and wins; but she gives John her ticket, so he can see whether his family is still alive in that world.

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