Fantastic Racism Live Action TV Discussion

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09:29:03 PM Jan 2nd 2017
I think this example should be eliminated, as is basically an argument between two or more tropers, natter and YMMV at the same time. By the way there's already a headscratcher about it:

"There have been arguments that Buffy's pursuit and slaying of vampires is tantamount to this; if the scope exists for vampires to seek redemption for themselves (Spike's journey to regaining his soul at the end of S6), then killing them as soon as they come out of the ground is little more than a racist genocide justified with the no-longer-entirely-true "but they're EEEVIL". On the other hand, Spike seems to be the only vampire ever to seek out the return of his soul, and one of only two whose soul has been restored (the other against his will). If there were a race of a million people that had two members that had ever been redeemed, with the rest evil serial killers, it is doubtful that killing them would be considered wrong. One could still argue, however, that with Willow's power by the end of the series, she might have been able to restore many vampires' souls, thus making killing them unnecessary. The argument rumbles on."
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