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01:38:52 PM Jun 28th 2012
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  • Doctor Who refers to Time Lords almost exclusively as a species. On several accounts. Twice in series three alone — Smith and Jones, Utopia. Even specifying the word "species," both times. Most fans disregard this and insist that the Doctor's just lying to sound impressive, even though there are no hints within the narrative. Most of the evidence to the contrary tends to consist of redshirts getting shot, and Expanded Universe stuff. That said, you can ask almost anyone on the internet and they'll emphatically tell you that "Time Lord" is a title. Not a creature.
    • Actually this has some basis in the plans for the show before the hiatus, the plan eventually for Ace to leave the show was for her to become a Time Lady.
    • In Series 6, Amy and Rory's daughter is conceived in the TARDIS while traveling through the Time Vortex, and once born exhibits some Time Lord-like properties. The Doctor claims similar exposure to the Untempered Schism caused the original Time Lords to develop over several generations, and Madame Kovarian must be aware of this since she wants to use Melody/River as a weapon against The Doctor. While not conclusive, it presents the possibility that "Time Lords" can rise from different species.

  • According to some fans, any spin-off which claims Time Lords have two hearts before they regenerate for the first time is clearly in violation of a couple of lines in the series which suggest that the very elderly first Doctor only has one.
    • The series was making up continuity as they went along, and in fact, the two hearts bit didn't come up until the third Doctor, after two regenerations.
    • But it is clear, Fanon-wise, that the First Doctor only had one heart, and not just from dialogue—Ian Chesterton took his pulse and likely would've noticed if there was more than one pulse going. Assuming that the extra heart came at the Doctor's first regeneration, and not later, is the Fanon equivalent of Occam's Razor.
    • But, the medical scan of the Second Doctor in The Wheel in Space showed no abnormalities, i.e. no second heart.
    • The Second Doctor's lack of abnormalities can be put down to another fan theory: the transition between the First and Second Doctors was a "renewal", not a "regeneration", therefore the second heart still comes with the first regeneration: the Third Doctor.

There seems to be something in these, but it's such a nattery mess, it's difficult to take in what point they're trying to make.
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