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09:24:10 AM Jul 13th 2013
Trying to make the discussion appear on my watchlist so I can drop it. Ignore this.
03:54:08 PM Feb 1st 2012
Somebody recommended their own fan fics: (Check the edit history.)

Stinkfly3's fanifcs
  • This user has created a very popular Total Drama remake fanfic series, which has been highly approved by many fans after Trent/Gwen was kept canon even after Total Drama Action.

Is this against the rules? I think I've read in another talk page that this isn't necessarly a no-allow thing, just frowned upon, but if the rec gets positive comments by other tropers then it's all good. However, I have read these particullar re-writes myself and yeah... let's just say that this is about to have one negative comment weighing it down.
04:20:02 AM Sep 8th 2011
edited by HappyMan
I think that Candy For Your Thoughts should be moved to the shipping section, since romance it's its main focus.
07:14:17 PM Sep 25th 2011
No problem, I guess there's no harm, since the statement is true.
12:52:32 PM Apr 29th 2011
Anyone know about Chunin Exam Day? That controversal Naruto time loop fan fic? It got reccomended, then seemed to have attracted a wall of text which soon after got deleted and moved to the discussion. Then, the recc was posted with a warning (the warning may have been there at first; I don't know, I went to the discussion and already saw the WOT cleanup before I even knew what CED was) and saying to put further comments on the discussion page.

Well, I predicted but never actually posted it anywhere, but I felt that history will repeat itself with Total Drama Luxury Tour. And it did. Ginger Snaps deleted the whole thing (because there were too many people against it, although nearly all of them didn't sign), and now I'll move it to the discussion if anyone wants to give their say on the matter:

Total Drama Luxury Tour by Baconsandwichman
  • Recommended by Truteal, Great Pikmin Fan
  • Pairings: Cody/Harem (Literally), Izzy/Noah, Katie/Trent, Tyler/Lindsay
  • Synopsis: A Cody-centric 4th season
  • Comments: I've only read bits of this fic, but I can say one thing. If you like Duncan, Geoff or Alejandro brace yourself and it has a very predictable (and nonsensical) ending.
  • Great Pikmin Fan: I finished reading this and liked it (and I don't really even like Cody!), but I still have to say YMMV. At times, it gets a little cliche and has a few weak points, such as several people leaving early before doing anything too important (one of the worst offenders was Owen, who always loses early in competition fan fiction already if The Stations of the Canon isn't followed); the entire plot of Alejandro returning and dethroning Duncan was less interesting than the orignal Cody vs. Duncan; Izzy/Noah and Katie/Trent pairings that nearly come out of nowhere and both have a Last Minute Hook Up right before the guy is eliminated* ; Geoff's Character Derailment was just as bad as (and far too similar to) Zombie-Ezekiel in canon; and the resolution to the love-hexagon was a massive Out-of-Character Moment for all five of the girls, (As based on how she hated Gwen before the Duncan kiss, Sierra might never pull a polygamy solution, and the others (especially Courtney. Again, look at the Duncan kiss incident) seem to have a very scrict monogamous beliefs. Total Drama is not a harem comedy, so the entire thing just leaves a bad taste) and seemed to be done just to avoid ticking off some of the Cody shippers. But yeah, bad moments aside, this was still enjoyable, and a pretty good break from all the more predictable romances-desguized-as-competitions I've been seeing around
  • Musouka: I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to oppose, I discourage you from reading this unless you're particularly into Cody-centered polygamy and terrible punctuation. The last chapter nearly made me physically throw up in my own mouth, sadly, I'm not even making that up.
  • The only that I really hated was that BSM destroyed Gigette just to get Bridgette to like Cody. I support Heather, Courtney and Gwen with Cody, but Bridgette was just overkill. And the way they were broke was wrong, in all seriousness I think Geoff is smart enough to know the advice Alejandro gave him was a meant to break them up, and him going crazy way out of hand. Then there's Bridgette and her ego with how she was saying that she and Cody were destined to be together, come on those two have had so little interaction throughout the show, I don't see how there is a fandom for the two.
    • The main reason why Codette is so popular is because guys who have Perverse Sexual Lust for Bridgette would prefer to be represented by Cody (and Ezekiel and Harold) than Geoff.
    • In other words, Wish Fulfillment.
  • I found this story to be way too bash fic like. That being said while I like seeing Cody get ahead relationship wise (I am a Codette fan mearly because I think it's cute) I find harem fics to be demeaning.
  • Honestly, I do not see what is so great about it. The format alone put me off after the first chapter. Ugh.

If anyone doesn't mind, I'll add it back, but with the comments replaced with a warning saying that this is polarizing (at least here; the reviews on are rather positive)

My point is that the fan fic is still good, and although it has some serious problems, it's much better than all the plotless, romance-over-taking-the-plot, Noah-centric competitions I've been seeing around latley. So I feel that this should at least be mentioned.
09:45:38 AM Apr 30th 2011
edited by GingerSnaps
No. That would be extremely ignorant. If it got so much opposition, it means that despite YOUR opinion, it isn't a very good fic. Add it again, and I'll just remove it. It goes against the complete purpose of this page.

It really doesn't matter how many badly written fics are on We're here to collect the few that are actually good.
05:25:11 PM May 3rd 2011
Okay then. I won't try to put it back, but at the least I feel it should stay on the discussion.
07:23:27 PM Apr 16th 2011
edited by greatpikminfan
  • -Total Drama Comeback-

That triple bullet point, added unsigned by someone who's handle is insub002 (See, this is why I sign my comments on these pages — for reference). Could someone elaborate? I've gotten to the introduction of the third challenge and have been putting off reading further for a variety of actually pretty stupid reasons, and after seeing so much praise and fics based off of it, it just strikes me as odd that there is such a heated comment for such a popular fan fic. And also, I'd like to see a few negatives it has before going further and possibly disapoint myself, aside from pot holes to some tropes. (One of them not the creator's fault and the other four common in other fics in general). After all, it is a long ride from said point I'm at. But really, "Your mileage WILL vary?" Did someone suffer from serious Hype Backlash or something?

EDIT: Nevermind, to some extent. There's a recent addition that sorta clarifies my questions. Bottom line, it seems that Owen, Gwen(?), Heather, and Duncan are to canon as Ezekiel, Bridgette, and Izzy are to TDC/TDBG.

'Nother edit: It seems that strikethrough doesn't work on discussions either. I thought it did. The first paragraph was originally struck out.
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