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05:18:47 PM Jun 29th 2012
edited by Liangnui
I want to add the fic Wandering Child, but I'm not really sure if I ought to. The controversy around the thread caused its part of the Kinkmeme to close down two thousand posts early, and...yeah.

There's a lot of Alternative Character Interpretation and Crazy Cultural Comparison going on (rather like Embers, actually) and more than a little arguing about the exact policies toward child soldiers. Some people won't like it because of those points.

I like it, though. *hides*
12:24:02 AM Jun 30th 2012
It's okay to add it. You can do a normal and positive rec for it; just mention in the comments that in involves the points you mentioned, so that people who won't like it can not read it. Nobody likes everything, but it's fine to recommend something you like. *pulls Liang out of hiding*
01:37:29 PM Jul 1st 2012
Well, I put it on the page. Now it's just up to the tropers to decide on their collective opinions.
06:02:22 PM Oct 4th 2011
edited by crazyspastic
Not Good at Editing Pages, but...

I'm awful at this sort of thing; no idea how to edit wiki or Tv Tropes pages, but I do really want to recommend one fan fic that I stumbled across.

It's called "Mendacity," it's a Darcy X Loki fic, and it is AWE-freaking-SOME. The other readers and I (at least, from what I can tell of the others' reviews) are on the edge of our seat for updates on the sequel [called "Discord"—"Mendacity" has already been completed] and we cannot wait for the third and final story.
03:41:16 PM Oct 11th 2011

I'm in the same boat as crazyspastic, but with a diff. fix.

Mischief Matched is, hands down, the best OC fanfic I have ever read for Thor.
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