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10:55:17 AM Aug 19th 2012
I noticed that one of the fic recs - Weekly Hyrule News - was deleted in its entirety without explanation (considering the other edits made at the same time, I would not be surprised that it was done by accident). The fic still exists, and so does the edit history for the recommendation and comments, so should I put it back up - or is there a reason it was taken down?
11:18:29 AM Aug 19th 2012
Go ahead and put it back — it was almost certainly accidental from what I can tell.
07:16:29 AM Jun 27th 2014
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Huh. It's disappeared again. I'll restore it. I can see no reason it should have been removed. Seconding the rec for WHN. I was really sad when the sequel stopped updating, because WHN was awesome.
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