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03:12:41 PM Jan 11th 2018
edited by ProgenyExMachina
The site is giving me a weird error when I try to send them a PM about it so I don't know if it went through, so just in case it didn't and anyone ever actually sees this (discussion pages seem abandoned but I don't know where else to go): Gnarf removed a rec with "Removed entry due to it only having six chapters and being dormant for well over two years". They need to put it back. We don't remove recommendations for being old, short, or dead.
09:07:52 PM Feb 26th 2018
10:55:17 AM Aug 19th 2012
I noticed that one of the fic recs - Weekly Hyrule News - was deleted in its entirety without explanation (considering the other edits made at the same time, I would not be surprised that it was done by accident). The fic still exists, and so does the edit history for the recommendation and comments, so should I put it back up - or is there a reason it was taken down?
11:18:29 AM Aug 19th 2012
Go ahead and put it back — it was almost certainly accidental from what I can tell.
07:16:29 AM Jun 27th 2014
edited by
Huh. It's disappeared again. I'll restore it. I can see no reason it should have been removed. Seconding the rec for WHN. I was really sad when the sequel stopped updating, because WHN was awesome.
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