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10:18:45 AM Nov 6th 2011
Proposed template for fanfic recommendations pages
01:12:36 PM Mar 4th 2012
I really need help recommending a fic. It's highly underrated and I would like more people to give it a try at the very least. Though as much as I try, I find it impossible to recommend a fanfic! Is there a button I am missing ?

Also, my excuse if I'm posting this in the wrong discussion, but I don't know which discussion page is the right one! I hope this is not a problem, and I hope I will get an answer soon so I can reccomend the fic I love so much.

05:05:38 PM Mar 4th 2012
what fandom is it in? Does it have a page for fics on the main Fan Fic Recommendations index page already?
08:03:00 AM Mar 5th 2012
It's in the TF 2 fandom, and it does have a page for fics. I managed to recommend the fic I was talking about, but I am not sure if I did it in the intended way.
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