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11:28:34 PM Feb 24th 2012
edited by Belucre
Contrary to its supporters, I cannot understand any appeal in the fic The Gravity of Love.

First, the characterization is horrendous. Hikari is reduced to nothing more than a vehicle for cheap drama, displaying bizarre homophobic tendencies out of nowhere and an inexplicable aversion to seeing Amane in feminine clothing, despite having seen her in skirts almost all the time throughout the series. Shizune becomes spiteful and bitter, seeking revenge against Miyuki in the cruelest way possible, making idiotic decisions despite her intimate relationship with Nagisa. Miyuki is viciously jealous and grudgingful towards Nagisa, Nagisa herself is made helpless without Shizune, and Amane loses all of her defining strength. Even the side characters are not spared from being butchered, as sweet Chiyo turns into a foul-mouthed, hateful little brat who physically abuses Kagome, and Kaname loathes Momomi for no apparent reason, despite having patched up their relationship.

Thin excuses for a plot aside, the prose is ridiculously bad ("A tear pooled in each of her yawning emerald wells"), the grammar is incredibly stilted, and it's filled with fangirl Japanese, cursing, and inappropriate word choices ("retarded" is not a word likely to be used in Miator). Absolutely terrible.
04:16:53 AM Feb 25th 2012
Sounds like you'd be best off linking a review in the format given by the main Fan Fic Recommendations page, then.

If you get some solid consensus backing you up, we can start to talk about getting the rec removed.
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