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08:48:39 PM Apr 6th 2011
Hmm... as much as I find "Next Steps" seemingly decent in terms of prosaic writing with some good grammar and mechanics, I wouldn't recommend it.

Firstly, some characters are rather out-of-character, namely Selendis and Tychus. Tychus cares more about himself than about anyone else, thus his ability to go through with Mengsk's deal of betraying Raynor to begin with. He also snarks Matt about his revolution during the cutscene intro-ing Valerian. Secondly, I'd much rather do "Haven's Fall," and seeing Ariel in this fic is somewhat surprising, given her role is rather miniscule outside of talking Raynor into helping her colonists and being a honey trap. Perhaps her discussions outside of the Colonist Missions give much insight on her character...wait, I doubt that. Thirdly, no Tosh? No sage advice for Kerrigan and Raynor? Hrm, maybe I'll investigate further. Wait. I probably don't, especially if the author did "Ghost of a Chance" as a choice.

That's just my two cents, however, and more-or-less an opinion. As a StarCraft fan, I don't necessarily find myself too enthralled by Next Steps, even if it's somewhat cool to see how Raynor and Kerrigan would interact after Wings of Liberty.
05:39:39 PM Apr 7th 2011
So write a review on it. That's what we included the tab for.
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