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07:35:28 PM May 11th 2013
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Would anyone be opposed to adding to the recommended list? I found it incredibly amusing to read. Basic idea is that after inspiring tons of other meddling kids there are no more mysteries left for the gang to solve so they drift apart. Years later they receive a letter from Shaggy who's taking up a teaching job at Miss Grimwood's. Seizing upon the excuse to reunite they journey down there, but it turns out to be something much, much worse than they could have ever imagined. Scoooby Doo crossed over with Cthulu Mythos.
02:36:23 AM May 12th 2013
Sounds good! If you want to, go ahead and do so; the only recommendations that are barred are ones for lemon-type fics. Should people disagree with you, they can't remove your rec, though they can leave a comment explaining why they disagree.
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