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06:30:47 PM Jun 23rd 2014
I have some ideas for this game too. :) I just made concepts for it so far and haven't written anything yet, but here are some ideas based on the many endings. XD May or may not be spoilers. :p


1. All of the heroes are still alive but all of them have psychological disorders. The new story then resolves something similar to Silent Hill but with no real supernatural elements.


1. Ethan gets a new apartment and lives alone with Shaun. While Shaun is happy to have his dad back, he misses having a mother and a brother. Ethan is torn at whether or not he should get back together with Grace or live with Madison.

2. Ethan dies so a new hero has to live out his legacy and become the new hero. Ethan either has Madison care for him or doesn't and he may or may not still have bad publicity, with the other heroes such as Madison or Jayden wondering if he was really innocent.


1. Madison lives and Vincent either does or doesn't exist. Madison may or may not be having a psychological disorder, which leaves the masses confused about her reputation.

Norman Jayden

1. Norman lives and may or may not still be a hero outside of the law.
05:50:34 AM Aug 24th 2012
If you see a fic called Heavy Rain And The Mystery Of The Killer on this page that was added by ps1fan27, regardless of the handle on the rec, please remove it; it violates our rules against self-recs.
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