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04:01:23 PM Oct 27th 2017
First time recommending something:

Modern AU. I'm quite fond of the way the story throws the pairs in it for a loop. Plus the characterization feels spot on to me, which can get kind of missed in modern settings. Also it's completed and I know the author has written a sequel but I haven't read that one yet.
03:55:05 PM Oct 31st 2017
Hey, thanks!

If you want people to see the rec, though, you have to post it on the main page. What I do is copy a rec that exists, then change the relevant fields.
09:12:38 AM Apr 10th 2017
edited by MarkMartinMagmaM3
Edit: The orginal point of this topic is now moot and needs to be removed due to myself trying to promote my own work instead of someone else doing the usual thing.

-Mark Martin Magma M 3

11:40:53 PM Apr 26th 2017
> And yes, I am one of the authors.

Yeah, that immediately disqualifies you from recommending it. Sorry.
09:36:42 PM May 7th 2017
edited by MarkMartinMagmaM3
Well, thanks for the info. Here's to the hope someone else reccomends the work...if they ever do...and if it still can.

(Feel free to get rid of this topic, since its point is now moot and just a waste of space now.)
09:18:36 PM May 25th 2016
edited by robotortoise
Is it OK for me to add a FE 14 section? I know of quite a few Fates fics that are pretty darn stellar.

I think there's also quite a few one-shots that I'd like to add, could we add a "one-shots" section, too?

And one final question: Should I add a list of fics I'd like to add to this discussion page first, or should I just add them to the page? Because, uh...well, let's just say I have 184 stories on my favorites list. I won't be adding them all, but uh...quite a few deserve to be here, IMO. Not all 184; they're mostly one-shots, and some aren't of the utmost quality, or not FE fics. But based on the gigantic community size, Fire Emblem has quite a few underrated gems I'd love to add.

EDIT: Nevermind; done.
10:25:22 PM Jun 19th 2016
edited by TheGiantRock
The new folder setup under General and Shipping fics looks great!

I don't like having separate sections for Fire Emblem Exclusive Crossovers and General crossovers. It's an arbitrary filter and not relevant for most people, and there's barely any cross-over stories to begin with. Having too many sections for so few stories is bad form.

If someone can fix that up that'll be good, if not I'll get around to it eventually.

EDIT: Jesus, you didn't hold back on adding stories. I dig the enthusiasm, but some fics shouldn't be there. Tale of Two Tacticians has a cool intro, for example, but it's a three-chapter story posted over the span of a week 4 months ago by a new author. It's unlikely to update, and in general something with a good premise but no follow-up shouldn't be rec'd unless it's so excellently written it's worth subjecting readers to incomplete work.
10:50:52 PM Jun 19th 2016
edited by Karxrida
I'm pretty sure he added it before it died (did it die?), and I believe in-progress and even dead fic recommendations are still allowed.
05:44:48 AM Jun 20th 2016
edited by robotortoise
> I don't like having separate sections for Fire Emblem Exclusive Crossovers and General crossovers.

The only reason I did that in the first place is that I general Fire Emblem crossover stories are so different from generalized crossovers that they deserve discrete categories. For instance, a story about Phoenix Wright in the Fire Emblem world is very different from a story about Chrom palling around with Eliwood and co.

Tale of Two Tacticians seems like it could certainly update. I thought the protocol was a year? If it hasn't updated by then it can be removed, right? (Or at least marked as dead)

If you have any other ideas or criticisms, feel free to let me know! I recommended quite a few stories, maybe not all of 'em satisfy guidelines.
11:18:54 AM Jun 20th 2016
Eh, it's less guidelines and more opinions in both cases.

The first red flag to me regarding folders is that the Pre-Awakening crossover folder has one story. People don't write many pre-awakening crossovers now so I don't expect the folder to expand much.

Looking at the page again, it's not specifically the Exclusive vs. General division that's bothering me. It's having two major headings for crossovers instead of one. I think "cross-overs" should be the only heading, with the folders being "Fire Emblem Crossovers" and "General Crossovers". This would get rid of the pre-Awakening and Awakening division but much make it much better to look at.

One year is a good rule of thumb for dormancy. The specific context here, though: all three chapters were posted in the span of a week several months ago by a new author. Pattern-matching tells me it might not be updated, so I wouldn't rec it until we get at least one update that appeared after a gap of several months. Once we know the author's willing to return to their story after a long gap, I'd use the 1-year rule.

I usually only rec fics when I think they'll be completed (ex. Cycle, De-cruited) or if it's good enough to standalone as-is (ex. Unconventional Tactics). Tale of Two Tacticians didn't fit into either category for me and I think it should be removed for now, but again: opinion. That's what this discussion page is for!
08:28:47 PM Jun 20th 2016
I agree with both your points!

I removed the rec and updated the folder categorizing. Let me know if you have any other ideas.
10:44:56 PM Oct 6th 2015
I'm thinking of adding folders to General Fics and Shipping Fics. The page would look like this:

  • Authors and Websites (unchanged)
  • General Fics
  • Shipping Fics

I'm hesitating because it might be a little confusing when FE 14 is released in 2016. Thoughts?

A second point: There's a lot of review-ish text under Invisible Ties, Asleep, Queen of Sorrow, and Person's Unknown. It takes up a lot of space. Ideally, I'd like to add Review Buttons on these most popular stories. The only problem is that I can't transplant the current text into the Review pages; individuals would need to re-paste their comments/reviews under their own Troper name-tag. I know this isn't going to happen.

So, would you guys be cool if I straight-up deleted the extra reviews on those stories so far, and added review buttons? I would leave the first comment in the "comments" section, but everything else would go. People could add on their reviews again later, if they'd like.

Finally: I skimmed "Fourteen Days" and "Hey Father Which Ones Mother" and I wasn't a fan. Does anyone have any opinions on whether or not they should stay as recs? My issue with Fourteen Days is the number of OCs and the OOC characters; it feels like a random story with FE character names thrown in at times. Its saving grace is that it's long, and going through the reviews, some people seemed to like it.

Hey Father Which Ones Mother had really poor grammar and felt weak. Still, it's crack, so some people might like it anyway.

If others agree that the stories should go, I'll take them down. I know the recs discussion page doesn't get a lot of traffic, so I'll wait for a week or two before making any changes.
08:33:45 PM Aug 29th 2015

... i believe it deserrves a place here... author is not purely robin x lucina but does a good job regardless
08:55:54 PM Oct 6th 2015
edited by TheGiantRock
I skimmed it and it seems amusing. It's not dead yet, either. Go ahead and rec it. EDIT: I noticed it has a TVTropes page. If you rec it, feel free to link to it.
08:52:48 AM Jun 8th 2015
08:49:40 PM Oct 6th 2015
I generally like unusual stuff. It's not rec-worthy, though, because there's no context and I'm honestly not sure what I'm reading despite a few re-reads.
07:09:28 AM Oct 8th 2014
I'd like to split off the FE 13 examples into its own page. Or at least all the After-Action Report fics.
04:08:13 PM Feb 7th 2015
edited by TheGiantRock
Interesting idea. Go for it if you want, but keep in mind we might revert it if it ends up being ugly or non-navigable. EDIT: Perhaps just split them up into different sections on the same page?
11:16:32 AM Jul 16th 2014
I made a recommendation on this page, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the links. A little help here?
11:22:15 AM Jul 16th 2014
You need to add it in this format: [[URL Workname]].
04:13:35 PM Jul 16th 2014
Okay, so I actually had the format backwards. Thank you for your help!
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