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04:31:05 PM Dec 13th 2015
Removed for self-recommendation. See the Fanfic Recommendations page for more. (The link is also broken, btw)

The Academy by Call Me The Visionary
  • Recommended by timelady_cass
  • Synopsis My Doctor Who fic. The whole concept is that there are several Time Lords hiding on Earth, and some of them start a private school to train and conceal others. Highly non-canon, but I make it work.

07:20:13 PM Jan 14th 2013
Does anyone else think we should overhaul this page? Maybe put the Ten/Eleven stuff on a separate page, because it's getting a little out of control. Just an idea.
08:31:10 PM Jan 14th 2013
Well first of all you should have the pages be FanficRecs/TenthDoctorFics and FanficRecs/EleventhDoctorFics. After that I'll index it up for you. It'd probably help since a lot of people come for fanfics featuring those two doctors (although the 9th has his fair share as well).
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