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12:25:04 AM Oct 24th 2017
It seems that The Division Exchange Program has been deleted from Since the link is dead, does anyone have a replacement or should it be deleted?

01:41:57 AM Mar 10th 2015
I don't know if people will see this, but can anyone add 'Swinging Pendulum', 'Sight' or 'On Life, On Death, On Everything' to the recs? ('Swinging Pendulum' and 'On Life, On Death, On Everything' are Peggy Sues, while I would say 'Sight' is a For Want Of A Nail fic.) I would do it myself, but I don't know how.
02:19:42 AM Mar 10th 2015
Did you check out Fanfic Recommendations? It does explain a bit on how to add stuff.
10:09:39 PM Jul 19th 2013
I know that it's happened before, when some Troper or another decides that their favorite fic needs to go at the top of the genre list. Even if it displaces iconic ones like Winter War or Uninvited Guests at their previous position, this has generally been left alone (and probably not worth arguing over)... but did Gemini24 absolutely have to shoehorn 12 favorites into the top of the Crack Fic list and 15 under Alternate Universe? Not that I'm calling for their removal, but this seems to be rather over-the-top, of not something of an abuse of the system (especially since several are openly his/her own). Would it be in bad taste to at least move them to the bottom of the stacks, or is this Troper overreacting a bit?
04:22:50 PM Jul 22nd 2013
I found it kind of annoying, myself- it seems like this one person has simply implanted their favorites list onto the site. People come here for a list of fics that are pretty widely considered to be among the best the fandom. If they want one person's opinion, they can go to a favorites page. As it stands, Gemini24 has added more than 100 fics to this page, and usually to the top of the list. So, my reaction is, no, it would not be in bad taste to at least not make those fics the first ones that viewers of a genre list see. (Though I admit to some bias about the order for the 'For Want of a Nail' section...)
03:09:17 PM Oct 27th 2013
Absolute approval of the notice on where new recommendations go. Hopefully, Gemini24 hasn't opened the door for everyone's favorites list (I wholeheartedly confess to posting more than my fair share in the recs stacks), but it's also nice to see them moved. No offense to anyone wanting to share their favorite fic(s), or anything...
03:32:00 PM Oct 27th 2013
Personally, I think it would be best to outright ask Gemini24 to take down the majority of the fics s/he posted, and just leave the five best recs or so. His/her habits are becoming especially annoying since s/he's started doing the same to crossover pages for other fandoms as well.
04:42:49 AM Apr 20th 2014
Maybe we should have an extra folder just for Gemini24's collection of Ichigo/Uryu fics. ...Seriously, I don't mind Yaoi OR the specific pairing, but this is getting ridiculous.
05:48:02 AM Apr 21st 2014
Indeed phoenixyfriend. I agreed with you. Why you guys did not bring your thoughts to me right away instead of discussing it here…? The problem I had inadvertently caused would not solve if you did not go straight to its source. I am still new here, so I knew not how to go around on this site or its many rules. My Deepest Apologies for the inconvenienced and annoyance you have to suffer from my ignorance. I had erased the majority of the fics that I had posted, not only on this page, but also from the other fandom as well. And Ivaryna. Please do not make a specialized folder for me. I felt isolated enough as it was. Again, I am sorry. It was not my intention to be like this.

12:50:54 PM Apr 21st 2014
Uhm.. my comment was meant mostly jokingly (and, in hindsight, seemed admittedly a bit mean-spirited, I apologize), I'm pretty sure specialized folders for people aren't actually a thing. But I'm glad you found the discussion here... as for, why no one outright asked you: Bystander effect, probably. *Someone* should tell you that this is a problem, but no one felt that *they* should be that someone.
10:51:35 PM Apr 21st 2014
Will I be bane from posting here again…?
08:07:32 AM Nov 9th 2011
An Origami Fish has removed The Vizard Trilogy from the Internet, as explained on his account. The recommendation is now defunct, just taking up space and promising on something those (dead) links can't deliver. So I'm going to remove it from the list some time in the next few days, but I thought I should give the site a heads up in advance .
09:33:55 AM Jun 27th 2011
Isn't the way the Alt Fics genre is being used the same as the For Want of a Nail Fics Genre?
03:22:47 PM Aug 14th 2011
Ahh... could you explain this further?
10:00:37 PM Sep 15th 2011
Only The Shining Dark seems to be set up in a different world while the others seem to diverge from the main universe.
02:09:29 PM Nov 8th 2011
I agree. The only thing "alternate" about most of the Alt Fics is that they branched out from the canon at some point, making them For Want of a Nail fics.

Winter War's Nail is Soul Society losing the war (by virtue of the Vizards dragging their heels to help out at the Fake Karakura). Hell Butterfly's Nail is Aizen going after Ichigo's family and the Hueco Mundo mission going differently. Pain Without Tears's Nail seems to be the Winter War dragging on by virtue of the Hueco Mundo mission going south. (I haven't read Heir Apparent or Reversing the Pendulum, but I'd wager they're much the same.)

Project Tatterdemaliion joins The Shining Dark in being the only stories that actually veer away from canon in a way that's any more radical than "things went a bit differently," which is the crux of For Want of a Nail.
09:16:11 PM Sep 12th 2010
Don't know if people will look here, but has anyone thought of adding "A Protector's Pride" by Neo Ryu 777? It can be found on It's a pretty high quality Bleach fanfic, and I'm surprised it hasn't hit this page yet.
06:39:20 AM Sep 13th 2010
Dude, why not add it yourself?
11:27:13 PM Mar 1st 2011
I added it. It's really an impressive piece of work.
06:29:34 PM May 17th 2011
Let us now make a trope page. Agreed?
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