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06:36:46 PM Jul 11th 2013
I move we alphabetise the list for easy access.
04:18:01 AM May 14th 2012
The following fanfic recs have been takeon off the main page due to not being signed. Feel free to add them back with a proper handle, not just anon.

Sleep, Little Bird by George deValier
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): Sweden/Berwald, Finland/Tino, and Sealand/Peter.
  • Synopsis: A one-shot following the lives of Berwald, Tino and Peter along their lives. But it's actually much, much deeper than that. They were once the perfect family, until a heartbreaking tragedy fell upon them.

The International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction and the sequel, Bled stained days at IAHF by Lily Winterwood
  • Recommended by: Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Absolutely any character that exists in the Hetalia universe. It also centers on OCs/Self Inserts sent in by authors being taught how to write goodfic.
  • Synopsis: Not all of the new Hetalia fanfics coming in from the fanfiction influx are good ones. The Nations have no choice to deal with the badfic, they enlist the side characters and create the newest Official Fanfiction University on the block. Get ready for pain, fanbrats.
  • Tags: Some mentions of rape, so it may be triggery. Mentions of sex, and Mary sues all around.

Children of a Common Mother by Ankaris123
  • Recommended by Anonymous.
  • Character(s): Canada, America and appearances of other countries.
  • Synopsis: Canada has literally disappeared from earth, as a nation and as a landmass. You can't miss what you 'never had'. Apparently, it's not the case with America.

And It's All Nice and Cute, Working for the UN...not by StarsOfYaoi
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): Pretty much the ensemble cast
  • Pairing(s): Sweden/Finland, Lithuania/Poland, Germany/Italy, China/Korea, France/England, Prussia/Austria, Spain/Romano, Russia/America
  • Synopsis: One novice UN secretary is tasked to deliver some papers to Tino. He expects to find some Finnish diplomat. He winds up seeing things Man was not meant to know...

The Nation Chronicles by eloquentelegance
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): OC! Human Observer
  • Synopsis: It began in WWII. When the leaders of the nations deemed the current events far too important to be left alone and forgotten. They began to hire scribes. Their sole purpose was to follow their respective nations, recording the occurring events exactly as they occurred. Talks about a certain scribe that even you might know about.

Hetalia ISOT Nation Game by: Various (Collaborative)
  • Recommended by: Anonymous
  • Character(s): Liechtenstein, (three) America(s), OC!Brazil, other OC!Nations and canon ones.
  • Synopsis: Five major countries from different alternate histories are enveloped by a strange flash, only to wind up in the same brave new world. The Nations find themselves building anew. A sixth country shows up later on.

There Stand Empires by Firebirdie
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): Austria, Hungary, Liechtenstein, young!Germany, Prussia, France.
  • Pairing(s): There are the beginnings of the Austria/Hungary pairing
  • Synopsis: The fate of a nation can rest on the outcome of a single battle. In the age of Napoleon, the fate of Europe itself hangs in the balance. Amid shifting alliances and desperate times, only one thing is certain: it's going to be a long war.

Sweet Child of Mine Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 by Anonymous
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): Poland, Lithuania, OC!humans, main ensemble
  • Synopsis: Sometime around the 2040s-50s, Polish secretary Tomasz Firley finds himself on the fast track to the higher echelons of politics and possibly the Presidency itself. There's one catch: he's secretly the love child of Poland and Lithuania. Fearing for both their son's (and their own) safety, the truth is kept from him and the public. But not for long.
  • Tags: M Preg

The Personal Records of a Doctor by mdc01957 (can also be found here or here)
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): OC!Royal Dominion of New Austria, OC!Vatican, Austria and Hungary. Mentions of Canada.
  • Synopsis: In an Alternate Universe, the world plunged into chaos in what became known as the Terror. But that ways years ago. In 1934, the Habsburgs hired a doctor to treat a young lady by the name of Francesca. As her relations to the exiled throne and the country itself become known to the man, he finds himself witnessing a glimpse of what really happened seven years earlier.
  • Tags: Alternate History, Scrapbook Story

Raven Tears by Dontmezwitme
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): OC!Native America, America, and Canada
  • Synopsis: A wrenching Foregone Conclusion in which a mother tries to prevent other people from stealing her children.
  • Tags: Tear Jerker

It's a small world after all by Bri Nara
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): The Allies, the Axis, and half the cast (plus, some random OC nations) get a mention at some point.
  • Synopsis: England messes up a spell which causes some of the countries to turn into Chibis. And the situation gradually gets more messed up each time he tries to fix it.
  • Tags: Crack fic

The Dead Zone by Illuminated Shadow
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): Pretty much everyone, though slightly more focus on Canada, Finland, America, N. and S. Italys.
  • Summary: Paintballing. It was all America's idea. This cannot end well.

Why is Mama Moaning? by QuartzApple
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): Sealand, Finland, Sweden, other characters mentioned.
  • Pairing(s): Sweden/Finland
  • Synopsis: "Sealand can't sleep - and hears an interesting noise coming from Sweden and Finland's bedroom. So, naturally, he decides to investigate. Much awkwardness ensues, complete with The Talk." Basically, Sealand walks in on Sweden and Finland having sex, and they have to give him the sex talk.
05:11:51 PM May 25th 2012
I put It's a small world back up. I noticed that The Dead Zone, Raven Tears, and There Stand Empires have also been readded (no longer anonymously.).
04:49:02 PM May 9th 2012

Honestly, I think this review setup is inconvenient, unimpressive, unenticing, and just all around annoying, and would like to go back to the original format.

To explain further: The bullet point version really offered an array of opinions, while usually keeping things short and sweet (and VISIBLE). Also, by putting the bullets that were the original recommendations in the reviews, the full synopsis and explanation of why to read the fic has effectively been shelved, as most people used the author synopsis for 'Synopsis' and then explained why they recommended it in their bullet point.

If bullets devolve into excess arguing in the main page (which rarely ever happens—Behind the Mask being the one exception I could think of), they can just be deleted (though honestly, I'd rather see the arguing—I'd say it would give me a better idea for the fic.).

If the reviews were added to save space (though...this is a WEBPAGE, where you can just scroll down...), then perhaps we could set a limit—3 bullets, and then you start adding things via review. That way, you'll get a decent perspective instead of just a number, and having a review page will be a priviledge and a mark of excellence (or at least ability to generate response—and, again, it would benefit from having bullets in this instance as well, as people would then see that the reaction was negative and the thing would get deleted, instead of just seeing 'Ooh! Five reviews!' [And then writing another one that probably won't usually get read.]) like it ideally should be.

Also, if you look at what has been classified as 'reviews,' they really AREN'T. Not full-fledged ones, anyways. They're really more like 'Secondeds:' Tropers pitching in and saying 'Look! This work has more than one person recommending it!'

So yes. If nobody responds to this, I intend to at least move the original reviewer synopsises back onto the main page.
04:51:42 PM May 9th 2012
[This is the same person.] Oh, yes, and it's very annoying and time-consuming to click to another page of reviews and then click back, which is a large part of the reason that I don't think people won't actually LOOK at the 'reviews.' I ended up dissmissing the most recently added stories on author's synopsis alone, and I used to usually at least read the reviewer's synopsis, but it simply doesn't get me too anymore.
09:34:22 PM May 16th 2012
I honestly don't have a problem with the new style, and I think it looks a lot cleaner this way. Is clicking on a link really that much of a problem? If I do read the reviews (which I only bother if I see that a fic has 3+ of them) I just right-click and open it in a new tab, read the reviews, close the tab, and go back to browsing the fics. It only takes a few seconds.

Another thing I like about the new system is that it shows who left the review. I've found that there are certain tropers who have a similar taste in fics as I do, so when I see them leave a review, it gives me a much better idea if I'm going to like a fic. With the old method, most people didn't bother to sign their reviews, so the only way to find out who made what comment was to dig through the history. If a comment was left years ago, it can take a long time to find out who said what.

Personally, I find it more helpful to read the description of a fic and see what character(s) or pairing(s) appear. The reviews never did much for me, especially since most of them were just the person who originally recommended the fic stating how much they liked it. That's just me, though.

"If nobody responds to this, I intend to at least move the original reviewer synopsises back onto the main page."

The thing is, how many people bother to read the discussion page? A troper who likes the new style may not bother to check the discussion page at all, and thus their opinion will go unrepresented.

I admit, since I'm the one who updated the Hetalia recs to the new style, I'm aware that my opinion is probably biased. However, I would like to point out that a large part of why I did it is because the new review style is now considered part of the required format. (See the main Fanfiction Recommendations page.) If you really find the new style so inconvenient, then you might want to bring up the issue with someone who has more authority than me.

If a majority of people here honestly dislike the new system, then I can live with modifying it or even going back to the old style. However, I think it's important that we get opinions from as many people as possible first. And as I mentioned above, the Powers That Be have decided that this is the way things are supposed to be done now, so you might want to contact them (or go to the main Fanfiction Recommendations page and make a post in the discussion section) about it before changing anything.
12:37:46 AM May 17th 2012
The system switch has been made here, and it is slowly being made across all fanfic rec pages. It's less cluttered and sometimes more useful. Please don't change it back, on this page or anywhere. It's the way it's meant to be.
02:45:24 PM May 25th 2012
Okay, I see I"m a minority. I won't change it.
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