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06:36:01 PM Jul 11th 2013
I move we alphabetise the list for easy access.
10:39:51 PM Apr 22nd 2013
I'm not sure whether this is where this topic should be or not, but does anybody happen to know what happened to the OC!fanfic "Zirakon (Memory)"? It was utterly fantastic (centered around nation!tan Israel and his long history), but when I tried looking here (and even when I tried doing a Google and Wayback search on it), it has completely disappeared. Literally, the only surviving mention of the fic's existance is one I made in my "Kingdom of Heaven" review. Does anyone have a backup copy they'd let me read? Anybody? Help?
04:24:57 AM May 14th 2012
Moving unsigned recs from the main page. Feel free to add them back, but with a proper handle, not just anon.

Echo by StarsOfYaoi
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): Italy, Germany, Prussia, Austria, Hungary
  • Pairing: Germany/Italy.
  • Synopsis : Historically-wise, from the end of WWII through to the fall of Berlin's Wall, complementary with Italy comforting Germany, and a sweet ending.
  • Tags: Slash, Hurt/Comfort Fic, Dark Fic, ends with omake-lemon

Let Me Be Your Savior by Light of aThousand Suns
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): N. Italy/Germany, One-sided S. Italy/N. Italy
  • Synopsis: AU. Priest Feliciano, 23 years old, is suffering,and needs saving. And though he cannot see it, a male prostitute named Ludwig, from Germany, will show him the truth—that both men need saviors.
  • Tags: Incestuous rape

That Song Called Love By LaurelNymph
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Prussia/Cananda (Yes, they've taken over, but if any fic deserves to be rec-ed, it's this one), other pairings float around.
  • Synopsis: (Official author's summary) Matthew had always resigned himself to a fate of musical obscurity on a supporting instrument, but after meeting an ex-delinquent named Gilbert, he just might take fate into his own hands and take the lead. High School AU, Prucan, w/other minor pairings. (Reader's Summary) An AU set somewhere in a slight conservative pocket of Southern California, Matthew is a bassist for a band he doesn't want to be in, and plays the violin on the side. Enter Gilbert, rich-kid troublemaker extraordinaire, and you've got a quite lovely story of self-discovery, bittersweet moments, acceptance, and (for once!) actual issues faced by actual gay couples in the actual world.

Above the Clouds, the Sky is Always Blue by sakuratsukikage
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Denmark/Norway.
  • Synopsis: It's Denmark's birthday, and he receives an unexpected gift from Norway.

Knotted Flags by Signingupforporn
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Pairings: Germany/Italy
  • Synopsis: Italy is pregnant with Germany's baby, but Russia is out for revenge after Italy harmed one of his precious Sunflowers, It Gets Worse.

If Gravity Pulled You Up by Lost Duck Inc.
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): USUK
  • Synopsis: Alfred and Arthur celebrate Christmas. There are two parallel storylines; one allegorical and the other real.

Someone Like You by TinaBanina96
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): PruAus (Mentions of AusHun and SpainAus)
  • Synopsis: Historical fic (events leading up to the Prusso-Austrian War) inspired by the ADELE song 'Someone Like You'. Prussia reminisces on his past, with Austria. From the summary - "It's been a long time Gilbert... half a lifetime." "Not for us. " he spits the words out, like they leave a bitter taste in his mouth. "It's nothing when you live forever."

Neighborhood Watch by counterheist
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s): Romano, Italy, Spain, OCs, brief appearances by Prussia and France
  • Pairings: Romano/Spain
  • Synopsis: From the kink meme. Lovino and Antonio live in the same neighborhood. They are strangers, single and interested... in each other. If only they could just talk like normal people. (Author's summary)

The Triumph of Life by and a light
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Spain/fem!Romano
  • Synopsis: Just when Antonio and Lovina think they have everything figured out, a whole new set of obstacles is thrown their way. Spain/fem!S.Italy, baby!fic.

Lucky Stroke by Verboten Byacolate
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Germany/catboy!Italy
  • Synopsis: Ludwig is enjoying a peaceful evening when a cat catches his attention, which in turn transforms into a...certainly not a cat, raiding his pasta cabinet.

Infinity by Miss Avarice
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Taiwan/Japan
  • Synopsis: Infinity is the price they pay, he decides, for being too young to rule and too old to love.

Always By Your Side by DragonsOnMoon
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Finland/Sweden
  • Synopsis: The Beautiful and often tragic story of the life Sweden and Finland have built together over the course of a thousand years.

Turning the World Upside Down by Spazzkitty
  • Recommended by: Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano, America/England, Hungary/Austria, Japan/Seychelles, small amounts of Russia/China, Sweden/Finland and France/Canada, as well as slight unrequited Hungary/Prussia
  • Synopsis: (Authors summary) Your typical AU High school fic in which the members of the student council of Chikyuu High are unpleasantly surprised by the arrival of the four transfer students that defy everything they stand for.

Come What May by CalaveraCandiedSkull
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): Lithuania/Poland, past Russia/Lithuania/Belarus, very minor Sweden/Finland, Germany/Italy, Russia/China and some others.
  • Synopsis: "And no matter what happens, no matter how bad things get, whenever you hear it, or sing it or whistle it or hum it, then you'll know that it means that we love one another." Liet/Pol Highschool AU, male/male relationships and touchy subjects.
04:42:06 AM Jun 14th 2012
Another fic that had an anonymous recommendation:

To The Nights We Felt Alive by Midnight Monochrome.
  • Recommended by Anonymous
  • Character(s)/Pairing(s): main Hungary/Austria, side Hungary/Prussia & Austria/Switzerland
  • Synopsis: Their relationship is purely ordinary, too-much and not-enough all combined into one.
01:26:26 AM Apr 19th 2012
I've noticed lately that there are a LOT of fics here that were recommended anonymously. This is against the rules, and according to the main fanfic rec page, these stories are supposed to be deleted.

However, some of these anonymous recs are pretty good, and I'd hate to see them removed from the site. So what should we do?

I would be fine with adding my name to the "recommended by" line on the stories I approve (even though I wasn't the one who added them in the first place), but I'm not willing to put my name on ALL of the anonymous recs. Would other tropers be willing to help out and do the same on their favorites?

Should we put some sort of (temporary?) announcement on the pages themselves? Something to remind people that they can't rec fics anonymously. Perhaps a notice that "In X amount of time, any fic that has not been recommended by a troper will be deleted"?

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?
10:05:43 PM Oct 10th 2011
Can I recommend this AU fic, The Piano Hall?

It's from the same continuity as The Personal Records of a Doctor.
01:31:47 PM Oct 11th 2011
Be Bold, dude.

If others disagree, they're welcome to add their own dissenting views to the appropriate tab.
06:29:30 PM Oct 11th 2011
I'll let you in on something. It's actually mine. So is it still ok?
02:12:14 PM Oct 12th 2011
Oh, in that case, no. Sorry, no self-recs. This page is a service for readers, not authors.

With luck, though, someone else might deem it good enough to add at some point.
12:07:29 AM Oct 13th 2011
Thanks for the advice!

In any case, feel free to check it out anyway! :D
02:26:37 PM Oct 8th 2011
How can I get past the Friendslock on A Tale of Two Koreas? I really want to read it.
10:00:37 PM Nov 16th 2011
You need to have a LiveJournal account. It's free. Just click on "create account" at the top of the page and follow the instructions. Once you've made an account (and are logged in), go to here. This is the profile page for the main Hetalia community. Click on "Join" on the right side of the screen and follow the instructions. Once you're a member (and logged in) you will be able to see the story when you click on the link.
05:25:28 PM Jun 2nd 2011
Why is Act Natural under Dark Fics shouldn't it be under pairings?
12:00:26 AM Jun 3rd 2011
Moved! :3
04:30:14 PM May 9th 2011
I have this one fanfiction called Asunder

Now would it be under the shipping folder or the crack pairings trope for Hetalia?
05:50:05 PM May 9th 2011
Sorry, let me try again:

Asunder -

Pairing: South Italy/Latvia

Synopsis: Raivis will do anything to escape from Ivan. Even to go far as running off with a complete stranger. But what happens when that stranger is Romano?

Comments: Despite it's crack pairing and how both characters had never even meet in canon, this fanfic is a pretty interesting read. However there some sights of OC-ness with Romano and somewhat Flanderization with Russia. But still - something that you keep watch.
12:49:59 AM Feb 5th 2011
Anybody think we should add a new folder for "Dark Fic?" The description for "General Fics" does say 'friendly relationships,' after all.

08:39:09 PM Feb 25th 2011
Yes. That should happen.
07:42:38 PM Mar 20th 2011
Yes, that would be nice :)
12:54:54 PM Sep 28th 2010
I haven't read Seven Little Killers yet, as Dark Fic isn't really my thing and I prefer my America/Japan to be fluffy, but I decided that I'd probably get around to reading it someday.

Then, while doing a Google search on for Greece/Japan fics, I came across one search result that pointed to a review for Seven Little Killers that mentioned America killing Greece and mailing his remains to Japan.


Please tell me that this Makes Sense In Context and is not a case of Greece being made to Die for Our Ship or America falling victim to Character Derailment or Ron the Death Eater (I know enough about the fic's concept to see how it might have been necessary for him to kill Greece, but MAILING HIS CORPSE TO JAPAN PERSONALLY? What the Hell, Hero??).
07:48:30 AM Mar 23rd 2011
It all makes sense in context.
06:58:32 PM Jan 7th 2013
edited by ranichi17
And it's also a case of Die for Our Ship, since apparently, the authors are hinting at an Amepan relationship to the fact that America chose to save Japan over his brother
03:36:07 PM Apr 30th 2010
Does A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes really need to be recced twice, both under general fics and shipping fics? Where should it be kept?
10:10:48 AM May 23rd 2010
Leave it under Gen fics, since the pairing isn't the main focus.
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