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07:35:26 PM Mar 4th 2015
edited by Enjoydamoment
Hey, wanted to run a trope by a willing troper before I put it on the main page, just to be sure it actually applies. I think Improbable Aiming Skills may apply to Elizabeth as it did to her Father. In the two instances we see her shoot (in the warehouse and the flash back with her father) she hits her mark perfectly (In the flashback her father even compliments her on the shot). Sadly this skill is rendered useless by her exceptionally mild temperament and unwillingness to cause others harm. The one and only time she puts this skill to practical (or any) use, she promptly passes out from shock and is traumatized thereafter by it. Does anyone agree that this is a valid trope or am I crazy for thinking it applies?
11:51:09 PM Mar 4th 2015
Eh, seems more like just "good shot" not the trope.
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