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09:08:31 PM Jul 28th 2010
I cut the Fridge Logic entry because correctly guessing things that later happen in canon isn't what that trope is about. Is there a trope that does fit?

  • Fridge Brilliance - At one point someone asks Lupin if anyone's ever told him how hot he is. His response is "Well, Dumbledore..." Years before Word of Gay.
    • Cassie not only accurately predicted that Ron and Ginny would get on the Quidditch team, she got their positions correct as well, with Ron as Keeper and Ginny as a Chaser. And when it looks like Harry won't show up for a match, it's suggested Ginny could play as Seeker, which she does whenever Harry can't make it in the then-unwritten final books.
08:45:00 PM Sep 4th 2011
Wouldn't that be I Knew It!?
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