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01:23:02 PM Jan 11th 2013
Glad someone appreciates me making these pages. Figured the Fanfic sub-category shouldn't just be vanity pages (though if Guerin ever finds us...they may turn into one.)
01:32:00 PM Jan 11th 2013
If that ever happens, let's hope that Guerin is at least as much of a good sport as David Gonterman matured into.
01:55:46 PM Jan 11th 2013
It's hard to tell. I seem to recall he liked the MS Ting community until somebody riffed a story without permission and was utterly brutal to him. I definitely know that when I was involved in Triumph of the Retart's MS Ting, we were explicitly instructed to be careful with our riffs since we knew it was personal to him and he was being very understanding let us have a go at it.
02:01:30 PM Jan 11th 2013
You worked on that? Cool! I always enjoyed the Guerin MSTings. I feel a little sorry for Guerin; he seems to be a decent enough guy, I agree with his politics (although not his Author Tract tendencies), and he's obviously been through a lot, which comes through in his work, especially "Triumph of the Retart". I even like the Monks! (Seriously, check them out sometime if you haven't already.) Unfortunately, Guerin's love for the characters he writes for is equaled only by his inability (or unwillingness) to portray them accurately. His stories are painful to read—for all the wrong reasons.
02:16:53 PM Jan 11th 2013
I have a credit on the three big "group" MS Tings, actually (as Rebo Valence), though the sheer size of Mandark Salamander and my greenness to MS Tings meant that maybe only a handful of my riffs ever made it in. I always felt bad about that one since I know for a fact I was the only actual Sailor Moon fan on it and I really feel bad that his terrible knowledge of the show was never properly highlighted the way the mistakes about Daria and Beavis and Butthead were. On the other hand, Mike and the Bots utter confusion at the entire concept of anime was funny in and of itself, so perhaps it's better that way (the "Sailor Star Healer Saves Usagi" scene still boggles my mind though.)

I got into Lawndale Militia so late that while Matt was kind enough to credit me, I'm fairly certain nothing made it in that I wrote (and at the time I'd never seen either Greenwood or Gunsmith Cats, a problem I have since corrected!). I definitely treat more like someone else's work than mine.

As for Retart, by that point I was determined to do a group MS Ting right and it's the one I feel the most affinity to because a lot of my jokes made it in. I think it almost broke me though - I was an ADHD student at the time I worked on the project and man did the David character get under my skin. After first riff calls were done, Matt actually said he felt he owed us an apology for the quality of the story.

I am still sad we never saw Lawndale Militia III - in fact, we did Triumph at Peter's suggestion since he hadn't written his last Militia story yet (yes, Peter suggested a fanfic! He really was a good sport!).

Oh, more Guerin-trivia: Matt had us gathered for a riffing on some of Peter's shorter fics rolled into one story, and I still have my first pass riffed version saved, but then Matt vanished off the face of the earth and the legacy of Peter's Sanford and Son crossover + Daria's Field Hockey Journey never came to be as a MST. I kind of want to dust it off and finish it myself since we did technically have permission from Peter...ten years ago.
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