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01:18:03 PM Feb 11th 2013
edited by universalperson
I have a question.

Do any of these fics have links? And if they don't how do we know they really exist? Google has not helped me find them.
02:56:11 PM Feb 11th 2013
There are pages for them on the Purifanstar wiki at Wikispaces. Most of them are, unfortunately, still simply in-development as we speak.
05:18:11 AM Feb 15th 2013
By "in-development" do we mean they haven't begun to be written yet?
08:30:00 AM Feb 15th 2013
edited by ryanasaurus0077
"In-development" basically means that they're in the planning stages at the moment. There are also pages for Curefics on another Wikispaces wiki, called PrecureOCs.