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05:53:39 AM May 26th 2016
Is this fic dead? Does anyone know?
03:43:19 PM Jun 5th 2015
I think this scene should be added to Crowning Moment Of Funny:

How am I going to kill Souren Araya?

A tricky question, to be sure. I sit back in my seat, and start chewing on the end of the pencil. Thereís a soft crunching sound, and I notice that Iíve accidentally bitten it off instead.


Sheís coming back...

Oh god. Damn it. I need to spit this out. I canít eat a piece of pencil. Even the Impulse would spit this out. I have to get rid of it. Um. Ah. Sheís looking this way. Damn it, damn it, damn it...I canít spit out a piece of pencil while sheís watching! What kind of freak eats pencils? Thatís what sheíll think. It was an accident! I canít control my bite strength. Well. Sheís ten seconds away. I need...I need to swallow it. No way. Itís a pencil. If I eat it, then I will be the kind of freak who eats pencils. I donít know if I can even metabolise a pencil. I donít know if BLACKLIGHT can metabolise a pencil. Why did I do that? Never mind. Remain calm. You have five seconds. Eat the goddamn pencil.


Good thing my throat lining can regenerate. Probably.

Come to think of it, that didnít really taste all that ba-SHUT UP. Lio Shirazumi will not be making a habit out of this.

Who's with me?
04:17:39 PM Jun 5th 2015
Maybe? It needs a concise writeup explaining how it qualifies, though.
08:47:56 PM Jun 7th 2015
I've made the funny page and added an entry, but I'm not sure how to do the above quote justice.
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