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11:58:13 PM Jul 17th 2011
Should "Reflections Lost on a Dark Road" be separated into its own article?
12:02:27 AM Jul 18th 2011
Titans and the Lost Boy and Dark Titans were both written purely by Lathis, while Reflections Lost on a Dark Road is a collaboration between Lathis and Captain Chryssalid, and is a crossover with The Road to Cydonia (which we should probably make an article for at some point, but that's off topic). In light of that, should we make a separate article for Reflections Lost on a Dark Road, or should we just keep including it in the Dark Titans article?
02:00:47 AM Jul 18th 2011
We should probably keep it separate, and move all the descriptions purely relating to it there. It has an extremely different tone and moral outlook.

Btw: Why was the mention of Jinx stating that she killed her last boyfriend removed?
03:50:31 PM Jul 18th 2011
edited by Hyp3rB14d3
Jinx admitted in a recent chapter that she was lying about that and hasn't actually murdered anyone before. I believe she used the term "murder virgin."
10:48:41 AM Aug 5th 2011
Reflections Lost on a Dark Road now has its own page.
08:26:36 PM Sep 21st 2011
So can we get rid of the tropes that apply to RLOADR?
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