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02:08:09 PM Jan 3rd 2013
edited by KaoruSailorZ
When Harry becomes the Master of the Clow Cards, what would be the new name for the cards and book?
10:36:31 PM Jul 13th 2012
How was Hot Amazon misuse, exactly?
12:42:06 AM Jul 14th 2012
Hot Amazon was meant to be about someone wanting an Action Girl. It was misused to mean hot action girls. Hot Amazon has been moved to Amazon Chaser to stop the misuse, and there wasn't enough context to tell if the example on this page fit or not. It seemed likely that it didn't, so it was removed. If this work does use Amazon Chaser, feel free to add it back with enough context to know it's the correct use.
11:50:10 AM Jul 14th 2012
It was used for hot Action Girl. And I find it really wierd that that wasn't actually what the trope was supposed to be about. Talk about a Non Indicative Name...

Although the page is still under construction, there may indeed be use of Amazon Chaser and I just haven't picked up on it yet.