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02:33:23 PM Oct 1st 2010
Re: Your Millage may vary.

Two points, does Insano really count as an OC? Isn't he a direct Expy of the Spoony Experiment's Dr. Insano? The author did add Spoony Experiment to the opening disclaimer.

Also "completely reduced the story to be In Name Only to the parent series."

The Evas aren't changed. There's still angels. Rei and Toji are about the same (or was Toji not getting mangled character derailment?).

I can see being squicked out, but isn't that a bit overly dramatic?

Also if Insana is a complete monster for what he did to Asuka, where does that leave Ritsuko for what she did to Misato and Shinji? Or does it only count because Asuka's not "pretty"?
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