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07:14:20 AM Feb 4th 2012
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12:08:59 PM Jul 29th 2011
edited by Kangaru
Oh, God. Agreeable Dragon wrote a Shounen Ai fanfic for Naruto. AND OTACHI IS IN IT. Unless he typoe'd "Itachi". But, either way...it'll probably be considered a side-story of WPP.
12:28:42 PM Jun 16th 2011
So, on the Crowning Moment of Funny Page, should we split the story up between sagas? For example, chapters 1-11 being the....Whatever-The-Heck saga (Earth saga, I guess), 12-23 being the Space Saga, 24-31 being the "Vampites"/Time Travel saga, and 32-35+ the Sea arc? Anything to reduce clutter on the page. (After all, the fanfic's now almost 120 pages.)
03:17:44 AM Jun 18th 2011
I'd just split it up in groups of 10, especially since some of the sagas are overlapping.
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