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07:18:20 AM Sep 5th 2011
Sorry if someone's asked this already, but is there a way to get this story in one piece rather than having to open the chapters one by one? It's quite inefficient, especially if intended for offline reading.
07:33:48 AM Feb 11th 2013
This is rather late, but HT Track is your friend here.
02:27:28 PM Oct 15th 2010
I'm not done reading the story yet but there are a couple of things that bug me, probably the biggest being Luke's power level. (Spoilers Ahead)

When going against the Borg, he's shown pulverizing cubes and throwing them into each other. Later, he's able to set Earth's moon back in orbit. In the movies, I've never seen any indication that any Jedi or Sith had anywhere near that kind of power. Yoda lifts a ship in Empire Strikes back even commenting "size matters not." I could certainly buy that Yoda could lift more given the ease with which he seemed to perform that feat. However, in his battle against Emperor Palpatine, Palpatine was thrown chunks of the Senate at him, Yoda was only able to catch and redirect one of them. You'd think if anyone could wield power on Luke's scale, it would be those two, and yet their battle results in only minor damage to the Senate.

Help me out here. Is there anything in the Expanded Universe material to hint at the Force having this kind of power?
03:33:37 PM Oct 15th 2010
Plenty. The Force has been shown as being ungodly powerful in the EU, to the point where some writers, like Timothy Zahn, actually took objection to its depiction as such.
08:56:05 AM Oct 16th 2010
I'd side with Zahn on that. I mean, if SF Debris needs Luke to be that powerful for his story, thats fine, SF Debris knows how to handle it, but this kind of power suggests that Emperor Palpatine should have been snagging Rebel ships and slamming them into each other in Return of the Jedi. I guess he was too entertained by the father son duel going on in front of him.

If we want to say that Luke is so powerful because he's one of only four or five people manipulating the Force in the universe, and the only one with real mastery (since Palpatine is really Sisko) then I guess that works.
09:08:46 AM Oct 16th 2010
... Yeah, the Expanded Universe is... kind of a messy place.