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06:20:56 AM Feb 22nd 2011
edited by TheOneWhoTropes
more background has been given on another [1] site. Link is to the continuation story The Age of Dusk (60k). There is also more info on what Ophilim Kiasoz is, by Lord Lucan, in another story on that site. And there is a story (which I haven't read yet) about how the God Of Death escapes the Infinity Circuit to hunt She who Thirsts (Slaanesh). Since it is a continuation - should we do it as a series page or each get their own page and a series page where we link to them?
04:00:08 PM Feb 22nd 2011
The former, the Second Age of Strife (50k) is just the first, but essential volume of the story.
10:01:11 AM Mar 30th 2011
Okay, I just created a new page for The Age of Dusk.
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