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09:11:52 PM Feb 8th 2011
Can someone create a YMMV tab for this page? It should have these:

  • Complete Monster: The Darkmistress. What she does to Kodachi is pure sadistic cruelty.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: So very, very many.
    • The best one is Mousse turning his blindness into an asset to defeat the Dark Mistress herself.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Again, many. Special mention goes to the aforementioned Closet Shuffle.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Beneda runs away in shame and despair from the clinic after revealing that she had been deceiving Ryouga and his friends all along. While she huddles in the corner of a warehouse on the verge of crying, Ryouga finds her on his own. Let that sink in for a moment.

I tried, but I don't know what I'm doing.
04:35:53 AM Feb 9th 2011
edited by Iaculus
05:18:56 PM Oct 26th 2010
edited by CrypticMirror
has there been an update I missed? I don't recall Happosai having been in the fic at all.

Rremoved: * Big Damn Heroes: Pulled off by Happosai, of all people.
  • Also, when those two bad guys, the only ones in the youma army to be shown in a sympathetic light, and who looked like they might someday make a heel-face turn like Beneda, are cut down as part of a series of nameless mooks, only recognizable by their description.

As having reread the fic I cannot find the point where they occur. If they get re-added, can someone please state which chapter and they occur please.
03:38:39 PM Oct 27th 2010
Hi, claymade here. It's not a case of a missed update per se—not as far as goes, at least. I assume that whoever added those two points did it based on the draft copy of the chapter that I put up on the fukufics forum to get C&C on it. I'll be posting the final version to soon, just as soon as I fix some of the problems that the posters there pointed out.

Really sorry about this; if I'd had a faster turnaround time on fixing the issues, I might have gotten it onto before people started posting the tropes here. Definitely didn't want spoilers getting out before the chapter was even up and people had a chance to read it for themselves, so thanks for clearing them out.
03:46:49 PM Oct 27th 2010
edited by CrypticMirror
Oh it ain't your fault, whoever posted it should be waiting on a released version. They jumped the gun on that. Or at very least should have made clear it was based on a pre-release draft copy. On a personal note, they've created a rod for your back because your writing is gonna have to be good to justify those.
10:15:50 AM Oct 28th 2010
The criteria for Big Damn Heroes by Happosai isn't even met either. He doesn't turn up to rescue anyone anyway. He indulges in his own fetishes without knowing he is rescuing anyone, and that is used as a handy distraction. Square Peg, Round Trope with that one.

Tearjerker examples should also not go on the main page anymore, but on the appropriate subpage.
03:17:41 PM Aug 17th 2010
Just in case anyone notices, I moved it down to the crossover folder because that's where it belongs.

Proper indexing for a happy wiki
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