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04:23:09 AM Dec 12th 2012
I want to make a Trope Page for a fanfic, but there is another fic from a different fandom with the same name that has already had its own page. What should I do?
07:25:38 AM Feb 29th 2012
I know that the fic needs a page, and the author putting up the page is self-advertising, but what would it be against the rules to ask people if the fic is worth a page?
07:51:08 AM Feb 29th 2012
Putting it on Fan Fic Recommendations is self-promotion and a no-no, but an author can make a works page no problem as long as it isn't gushing. Just remember to leave out any of the Crowning Moments stuff to avoid that, and be as neutral as you can with the other tropes. Remember though, once you've made the page it is the Wiki's not yours and not to get territorial over it. You just need a synopsis and at least six tropes, and remember to link to the fic in question.
07:15:01 AM Jun 25th 2011
edited by CrystalBlue
Is this whole page really going to be cutlisted or just some parts of it? Because that's what the most recent history says, and I am just asking this question because I want to know because I made a trope page for a work of friend's :) on here and I would hate :/ to lose it! Thanks, Crystal Blue Never mind, I figured it out - the page is staying, only an article was cut by checking the cutlist. :)
08:09:33 PM Jan 27th 2011
Hey, what's going on? The indexing of fanfics seems to be screwed up.

is this a site issue or something?

I can get to the specific fanfics from this page, but I can't get BACK to this page from the fanfics.
10:30:54 PM Jan 27th 2011
I think it's fixed. Every now and then it has a problem and the page just needs to be saved again to refresh the index.
05:38:16 PM Jan 26th 2012
edited by partner555
Um, I tried that, but I still couldn't get a page I added indexed. Did I do something wrong?

Edit: I found what I did wrong and I feel so stupid for not realising it. I fixed it.
03:33:20 PM Dec 1st 2010
Should crossovers be listed in all the categories of the fandoms they include, or only under "Crossovers"?
04:29:33 PM Dec 1st 2010
I'd say since they consist of multiple fandoms it's best to leave them in Crossovers as that way there aren't multiple listings on the same page. This is especially true for massive crossovers as that way we don't have to list it four or more times on the same page.
08:28:19 AM Nov 11th 2010
Made a note on the instinctive reaction/ sorta policy we've been having to Red Link on this page; now it's up front and there for all to see.
09:54:57 AM Nov 11th 2010
That's what I've been doing for the past week or so anyway so thanks for putting it in writing.
04:00:26 PM Oct 24th 2010
I'm not sure I get what the requirements are for a fic to appear on this page. At first, it seemed to me that, despite the description stating Amazingly Good fics were also includable, this was mainly a repository for troll-fic. I just don't get it. Can someone please clarify *exactly* what "does very different things with the tropes" is supposed to mean? Is there supposed to be a certain relationship to canon? Sorry; it's just been confusing me for a long time, now.
05:46:56 PM Oct 24th 2010
edited by SomeGuy
Now that you call attention to it, the "requirements" section simply doesn't make any sense. It's so vague that it could be interpreted to mean nearly anything.

In terms of function, the main thing this page does is that it acts as an index for Fan Fics in general. I'd say the only criterion is "must have a wiki page". So edited.
05:51:53 PM Oct 24th 2010
Because I believe it deserves to be said: Good work on your re-writting of the introduction, Some Guy. ^^
08:43:51 PM Oct 24th 2010
Hooray! Thanks, Some Guy! =D
05:39:13 AM Oct 25th 2010
Here, have one of my world famous Rum Balls, Some Guy.
01:59:35 PM Oct 17th 2010
If I didn't write a story, and neither did a troper, can I add it here?

...nothing's very clear on this regard about this list.
02:06:09 PM Oct 17th 2010
You can add it. Of course, it's gotta have an article.
06:19:44 PM Oct 2nd 2010
Should we put a link to Fan Fic Recommendations into this page?
09:31:58 AM Jan 16th 2011
07:37:20 PM Sep 9th 2010
Okay, so can you just put up stories that you KNOW are legendary in the fandoms they come from? I have a few to put up, but I'm not entirely sure of the process to do it...
08:44:31 PM Sep 9th 2010
You just gotta make an article about the fic you got in mind (which, considering the There Is No Such Thing as Notability rule, could be anything so long as you want to write about it) and after doing it and publishing it, add a link to the list.
04:28:48 PM Jul 12th 2010
edited by greatpikminfan
Never mind. This was about something that has been fixed.
05:47:13 PM Jun 22nd 2010
I'm thinking about taking down all the Bile Fascination-type pages and moving them over to a new index on Darth Wiki, leaving this page to be used only for fics that did something right as opposed to all the crap fanfics cluttering up what could otherwise be a pretty solid "best of the best" list. Anyone opposed to the notion?
01:35:59 AM Jun 26th 2010
I don't see the point. Besides, aren't the recommendation pages already pretty much a list for the "best of the best"?
06:03:38 AM Jun 26th 2010
Indeed. None of our other indices discriminate according to quality.
10:47:41 PM Jul 1st 2010
Okay, notion dropped then.
04:34:58 AM Jul 3rd 2010
And just to follow up on the Electric one, people tend to note on the Rec pages when it is a Bile Fascination rec.
08:00:19 AM Apr 16th 2010
edited by Comartemis
I've noticed a couple of people adding pages of their own works here instead of in Troper Works, particularly Battlefield Gallia and Human of the Other Side. Would anyone object to me moving those two pages to the Troper Works section?
10:46:28 AM Apr 16th 2010
01:26:44 PM Apr 16th 2010
edited by
This is going to become little more than a list of fanfics, due to There Is No Such Thing as Notability. We don't exist so people can pimp their own shitty fanfics.
03:18:45 PM Apr 17th 2010
Much as I would love to whore myself out on this page too instead of my little obscure line on Troperworks, I have to agree; posting your own stuff shouldn't be allowed, it just defeats the purpose. As the page description says, notability, positive or negative, actually is the point of this page.
12:05:36 AM Apr 27th 2010
Okay, somebody just moved Battlefield Gallia out of Troper Works and back into the fanfic listing. Apparently the great big disclaimer at the top of the page isn't clear enough that we don't want self-made fics here. Is there anything we can do about this without locking the page or taking some other needlessly drastic measure?
02:23:07 AM Apr 28th 2010
What about cases where one troper puts another troper's work on this page? If it's also recommended by other tropers in the fanfic recommendations section, or has been used as a source of examples by people other than the authoring troper, that too would suggest it's reasonably notable.

In any case though, if it wasn't the fanfic's own author that put it on this page, it's not self-promotion.
07:43:36 PM May 1st 2010
I have added a couple of pages of two of my fics... but only two of 80+ fics. Not out of self promotion but rather they are popular, long running stories that have both been the inspiration for other stories (a couple even I consider better than my story).

To get to the point, what should be the case of stories put up by their writer's when they are deserving to be on the page for one reason or another?
11:58:31 AM May 3rd 2010
If you put your own fanfic up here then you're self-promoting no matter what your reason is. Authors are not allowed to post their own fanfics here under ANY circumstances. For the nth time, whore your fics out on Troper Works, not here.
01:32:47 PM May 3rd 2010
Quite right, this isn't the place for self promotion, but what about the issue of tropers recommending fics by other tropers? That isn't self-promotion, by definition, so deleting all entries in the troper works name space from this page could potentially catch entries that ought to be here, having been made by people other than the fic author, completely unsolicited. Unfortunately, the page history only goes back so far, meaning there may be no way to tell whether an old entry was self-promotion or not.
12:32:05 PM May 7th 2010
I'm starting to wonder if maybe we really should lock the page and make a thread on the forums for reviewing these things before we let people post them here. There's no way to tell whether an unregistered poster is the page author or not and people have started to sabotage the header to take out the NO TROPER WORKS disclaimer. Clearly someone wants to whore their work out here bad enough to start an edit war over it.
06:31:01 PM May 13th 2010
Someone deleted the link to a page I had made about a few days ago. I was, as you could imagine, rather upset about this, as I had made the original version of that page, AND put this link on this page in the first place. Think the perp might also be the same person who's pimping their own work?
03:13:23 PM May 16th 2010
Or you could just be taking someone's edit way too personally and assuming things.
01:54:06 AM Apr 13th 2011
Hm the header's been missing for a while now and this page is currently plagued with self-promoting entries, mostly written by the authors of the fic in question. Should we do a reinstatement of the header and move offending entries back to Troper works?
07:10:19 AM May 14th 2011
edited by Vrock8
The Troper Works index is an unsorted messy page full of red links that looks like a recycle bin. This is why people (me included) promote their own fics here and not there.

This is a list of Fan Fics with pages, no more, no less. There Is No Such Thing as Notability.

12:09:29 PM May 14th 2011 This page isn't intended for promotion. You'll note that there are several indexed here that are considered horrible. This is a page to index fics that other tropers consider to be notable. If you have issue with the Troper Works page, then clean it up.
12:18:53 PM May 14th 2011
08:10:09 PM Sep 17th 2011
edited by Kuzlalala
So if you have a fanfic and want to make a Trope Page for it, do you put it in Troper Works or FanFic.Fan Fics? I'm still confused because no one has noted anything about the difference of those two pages at their respected information.

Never mind, I've looked at the last posts at the forum.
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