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01:00:24 AM Aug 30th 2016
Merlin & Smallville

Skinwalkers, the tenth episode of the second seasons of Smallville, involves the main character falling in love with a mysterious girl who has the power to shapeshift and who dies at the end of the episodes.

The Lady of the Lake, the ninth episode of the second season of Merlin, involved the main character falling in love with a mysterious girl who has the power to shapeshift and who dies at the end of the episodes.

In both episoded, the main character is warned to stay away from the mysterious girl by friends and family. Also, take note that they are almost the same numbered episode as well.
05:21:53 PM Jun 24th 2014
Charmed: The feuding Montana and Calloway families from season 6 are the Montague and Capulet families from Romeo and Juliet, complete with Star-Crossed Lovers Richard Montana and Olivia Calloway.

Also, notably, the actress who played Juliet in Franco Zefirelli's Romeo and Juliet was Olivia Hussey.
10:24:32 PM Feb 22nd 2013
"In Stargate Atlantis, Rodney Mc Kay is basically Gary Meyers from the original Stargate with a different profession. They even look similar."

No, Rodney Mc Kay is Rodney Mc Kay from the original Stargate TV series. Same actor in the role that he originated in the episode 48 Hours and played in several other Stargate SG-1 eps.
12:00:42 PM Nov 18th 2012
Babylon 5 "One episode also features two comedians who are clear expies of Penn & Teller. Being played by Penn and Teller."

This should be Guest Appeareance. Surely the point of Expy is serial numbers filed off?
03:45:22 AM Jan 23rd 2012
edited by DaibhidC
Not sure about Blackadder; the description says "Short for "Exported Character", an Expy is a character from one series who is unambiguously and deliberately based on a character in another, older series." and "the key difference between this and Captain Ersatz is that an Expy is not clearly supposed to be the character, but is rather very similar, while Captain Ersatz is obviously the same character but with the Serial Numbers Filed Off. "

Blackadder doesn't seem to fit; they are the same characters, clearly and unambigously, not characters "based on" the original characters.
07:10:58 AM Jul 8th 2011
edited by MagBas
  • Number Six on The Prisoner is arguably an Expy of John Drake from Danger Man. (One could make the case that McGoohan's spy characters in the movie Ice Station Zebra and a 1975 episode of Columbo are also the same guy.)
    • This has perennially been claimed ever since 1967 UK commercial telly viewers found themselves unwilling to seperate an established performer from his most famous character, but Number Six has no more in common with John Drake than he does with Longshanks or The Phantom's dad. The Columbo episode IS basically a pendant to The Prisoner, but Ice Station Zebra has absolutely no connection, unless you want to claim all the people an actor plays wearing a black jacket are the same person. That way lies madness.
  • It's a stretch, but the character of Gary Allen in the Adventures of Superman episode, "The Deadly Rock" is a detective with whom Clark is friends, and is played by Robert Lowery who played Batman in the 1949 serial Batman & Robin. Thus, he could be seen as a very, very, very loose quasi-expy of Ba... or not.

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