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08:50:06 PM Apr 5th 2014
I wouldn't quite call Yugi an Idiot Hero because out of all of the Goku expies, he's the least idiotic.
07:03:28 PM Oct 29th 2012
Deleted Blue Eyes for the Gundam SEED Muruta Azreal example, On its disambiguation page, Blue Eyes has been split into six tropes. Please replace with one of those only if applicable. (i.e it fits the symbolism as well as the color)
11:24:12 AM Dec 17th 2011
  • Arguably, Garma Zabi's charisma and premature death (which became the justification for Gihren Zabi's "SIEG ZEON" speech) also lived on in Clovis vi Britannia (whose premature death became Emperor Charles' trigger for his Social Darwinist "ALL HAIL BRITANNIA" speech.)

The first paragraph uses "unambiguously and deliberately"
06:31:25 AM Jul 8th 2011
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  • Also, Chrollo Lucifer arguably being an Expy of Shinobu Sensui- right down to their coloring, their age (26), the similar Facial Markings, the manner in which they fight (offense making good defense, manipulation of their enemies), and the fact that they both got/may have gotten their genocidal ideas from watching a videotape.
    • For some reason, (this might go to Troper Tales), this troper has got the strange idea of similarities of this and Ghost Fighter, at least what he has seen through the commercials.

  • Some fans note that Jinbei may be an Expy of Aqua Man. Aside from his water-based moveset, he has the ability to telepathically communicate with aquatic life, which is explicitly noted to be an extreme rarity for Fishmen. He even lampshades the What Kind of Lame Power Is Heart, Anyway? that is often associated with Aquaman when he states that he is of no use in land battles(of course, that's pretty relative; the very next thing he does is punch the air to create a shockwave that knocks out everything near him).

Non-YMMV trope.
06:42:26 PM May 20th 2011
  • Each season's lancer is an expy of Yamato from the first season. He, Ken/Digimon Kaiser, Ruki, Kouji, Touma, and Kiriha are varying degrees of blue oni to the Goggle Boy's red oni, each has some connection to the color blue, all but Ken and Kiriha are partnered with or transform into canids, and three of them are blond males. Kiriha's an odd duck, though, as he is partnered with a Greymon, traditionally associated with the Goggle Boy. At least it's blue this time around.

A blue oni be associated to the blue color is normal.

  • In comparison, the show's villians, the Alpha Gang, are very much Expies of Team Rocket. Xander is James, especially the voice, Ursula in like Jesse, including her obsession with her beauty (and being voiced by Rachel Lillis with her 'Jesse' voice), and Ed is, I guess Wobbuffet.

Neither Xander remembers James, neither Ed remembers Wobbufft. Actually, they are the typical "tall skinny" and " short fat" in more post-Time Bokan TerribleTrios.