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12:31:55 PM Jun 9th 2017
edited by PenBFDI
Some games (i.e. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric) were not made by the companies they are listed under. Should some sort of note be added to these, or is it not really relevant?
03:51:43 PM Jul 2nd 2013
Is it about time we make a dedicated Nintendo section?
07:39:29 PM Jul 2nd 2013
Maybe, I wouldn't mind. You should ask one of the mods, though.
01:03:24 AM Jul 3rd 2013
Making another folder for them is fine without moderator confirmation.
08:48:24 AM Aug 14th 2012
Got to say this section most of the examples by EA aren't really relevent-people quiting a company, gutting a studio aren't examples of executives meddling in the specific content of the game. This is executives meddling in a work of fiction not meddling in the process of making them. And most of the examples aren't even EA doing anything.People quiting after a company purchases a studio isn't executive meddling.

Even as in the case of KOTR II when they ran out of money theres no example of EA telling them to cut the last act, simply they ran out of money so ship it unfinished(which is a trope just not this one).

I realized its one of the most hated companies in the world and all but this seems a bit much.

IF EA told them "Hey make the martians blue instead of green"that would be executive meddling.
02:49:20 AM Oct 25th 2012
edited by crazyrabbits
Few (if any) of the examples in this section are based solely on "in-fiction" meddling - the term itself is very broad and is used to different intent throughout the various subpages. The reason why I collated all those examples into one catch-all section is because (a) they were spread out all over the place, and could be grouped under a single publisher, and (b) most of the cited examples would fall under "meddling", especially when the majority of it falls under the production process or management of the studio, to generally-negative public and developer opinion.

The reason why I mentioned the employees quitting after EA acquired Westwood is partially due to the fact that it was a glorified hostile takeover, and partly because that departure led to increased executive oversight and screwing with what made the franchise famous.

The ME 3 examples, on the other hand (which I didn't add), don't show how EA's influence negatively affected the game. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the end product might have been worse if they didn't have the delay. I'll fix that up when I have time.

EDIT: Also, while EA never directly commented on the status of KOTOR II, it is widely known that Lucasarts outright refused Obsidian's request to make a patch that would restore all the cut content, and had them rush it out the door for a holiday release.
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