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01:47:47 AM Jun 15th 2013
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The section on Mt G seems to just be complaining about the set rotation system and use of a banlist. Nowhere does it actually say that either of these were actually mandated by execs - for all I know they might have been added by the set designers. Right after it is a Justifying Edit (and, to be fair, the game would be incredibly broken if it weren't for those features - and banlists are common in TC Gs - the set rotation system has actually helped prevent its necessity). The entire thing comes off to me like it's a rant against the designers' attempts to keep the game balanced. I can't comment on the "elves" part, though we need proof that that's actually this trope and not Creator's Pet.

Also note that the same edit included complaining about the fact that League of Legends has balance patches. Which are common in competitive games these days. And states that the game's creators, not the execs, are responsible. And often get good or at least mixed receptions. And should I add that it's in the wrong section entirely?

The entire thing comes off as Complaining About Balance Patches You Don't Like. It doesn't help that the "reason" given for the edit is "They included Yuh-Gi-Oh but not Magic?"

I think I'm too riled up about this, but it should probably be removed anyways.

EDIT: Gone ahead and removed the section about Lo L.
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