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06:33:20 AM May 30th 2013
The Tag team titles section should give mention to the Hilarious anarchy that occurred in WCW in the late spring-early summer of 98.

At Slamboree 98 I belive, for some reason (I don't remember why) Sting (Still in his White Faced Crow sting mode and WCW''s top Hero) was teamed with The Giant who just recently re-joined nWo Hollywood, against The Outsider ( Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) for their Tag team Titles, when Nash had just form the Red and Black nWo Wolfpack.

So not only are a good guy and bad guy teamed against a basically Chaotic Neutral stable, but during that match Hall betrays Nash revealing his Loyalty to Hollywood causing The Giant and Sting to Win. Hall and the Giant celebrate together while Sting looks on Shocked and Confused as hell. The only 2 people actually on the same page where on opposing teams.

A week of so latter however Sting decided to join the Wolfpack (tainting the intent and meaning of the Crow Sting character, but it also allowed him to return to his old more energetic attitude) and fought the Giant in a match for control of the Tag Team titles which he won, and then picked Nash as his partner.
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