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12:17:31 PM Sep 2nd 2012
Honestly, I fail to see what's so eldritch about the Reapers. Yes, they're big. Yes, they're old. Yes, they can screw over a whole galaxy six ways to Sunday. But the fact remains that from what I've seen, they don't do anything particularly eldritch. They don't warp reality, they don't drive you mad, and they don't have any powers, just ridiculously advanced weapons. They seem to be just a cybernetic, Sufficiently Advanced Alien race that likes to think that they're Eldritch Abominations and play that up for all it's worth.
01:05:08 PM Sep 2nd 2012
You're forgetting about the indoctrination, and how each is basically a group-mind made out of the ground-up remains of a dead civilisation. They're a bit more than just machines.

Really, it's the Reaper carcass sequence in ME 2 that provides the best evidence for their EA status.

"Even dead gods can dream."
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